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Welly Walks

Welly Walks


In September we went on a welly walk around our school site listening to the different sounds. We heard the gate, cars, birds, an aeroplane, a lorry reversing, teachers teaching, children talking and our welly boots on the playground.


In October we went on our first off site welly walk. We walked to the field and selected a tree for us to observe during the year. We saw a squirrel, felt the rain, looked at spider webs with raindrops on them and listened to our wellies making the grass swish. We also noticed the leaves starting to fall from the trees onto the ground.


We walked to the Church to see the Advent Festival. On the way we looked for signs of Christmas and saw trees, lights, wreaths and hanging decorations.


It was very cold in January so we went for a short walk around our local area. We noticed how the buildings went from being houses to shops to houses again and how they were made of bricks. We spotted the postbox, two churches, a cafe, a parking machine and a noodle shop. We also found lots of 'x' on the floor.


It was warm enough for us to walk to the field in February. We looked at our tree and noticed that there are no leaves on it and discussed why. There were some puddles that we jumped in! We also observed that the field felt bouncy and soft because of recent rain.


We were surprised to find our tree covered in leaves. They looked like new leaves and were light green. They were also shoots on the branches. We also saw new flowers. One of our friends led our walk as he knew the way!


We went for our walk in May only two weeks after our April walk. We were surprised to see how much our tree had changed and grass had grown over such a short period of time. We also saw a polling station on the way, observed tree surgeons on the other side of the field and found lots of daisies.