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Easter Service 2019

Easter through the eyes of three different eye witnesses


In our special Easter service, led by the children of Year 3/4 we hear three different versions of the Easter story, from three different eyewitnesses - people who were actually there.


The first story is told by Simon of Cyrene - the man who helped to carry Jesus's cross up the hill. This helped us to focus on the first key message: To be more helpful.


The second was through the eyes of a Roman solider. This helped us to reflect on how many times we wrongly judge or accuse people, sending the second message: Be less judgmental.  


The third story was about how Mary Magdalene found that Jesus had indeed risen from the dead. It helped us to reflect on if we show people we love them, sending our third message: Love more.


The service was deeply moving and inspiring and the Year 3/4 children were supported by the whole school in form of the school choir.