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Year 1/2 Remote Learning

Isolation Work

w/c 4th April


We are continuing with Data handling - using block graphs, pictograms and tally charts. Watch the lessons and then complete the activities attached below.


The Easter Story

Watch the story by clicking this link then share the powerpoint attached below. Can you think about what each person might be saying at different points in the story? There are pictures with speech bubbles below. Can you retell the story? Use the pictures and writing frames below to help or make your own Easter Story book.


Phonics and Maths Online Games

There are phonics and maths activities, plus online books for you to complete on MyMaths and Abacus.


Online Book to share

The Dragon Machine



English/Project Work

Read "The Fish and Maui", a Maori creation legend. Then create a story map to help you organise the parts of the story. You can draw pictures or use the ones below, add key word words or phrases. This will help when you retell the story!


Listen to the story here or read the attached version below.


Now it's time for you to try retelling the story. Start by telling an adult the story. May be act it out! Use your story map to help you! Write your story in full sentences remembering to add capital letters and full stops. You could watch this "Top Tips for Writing" video too!



Practice tricky words. Watch the two lessons and then try the activities.


Isolation work for w/c 14th March 


Year 1

Counting in 10's

Can you practise counting in 10's


Solve problems by grouping

Practise putting objects into groups and help decorate the gingerbread men.


Year 2

Dividing by 10

Use 10p coins to help you make groups of 10 for dividing.


Dividing by grouping

Split objects into groups in order to divide by 2,5 and 10.

There is also work set on MyMaths and Abacus for you! 


Read the fact cards about New Zealand landmarks. Can you find out more information about one or two of these? Which one would you most like to visit and why? 

You can record your findings in a booklet or by drawing and writing.

Spellings - Year 2 - ies Year 1 alternative j

Isolation work for w/c 7th March



Counting in 2's, 5's and 10's


Project Work

Use the powerpoint or search online with an adult to gather information to make a fact file about New Zealand. A template is below or you can make your own. What can you find out about New Zealand?

School Closure Work - Storm Eunice

Friday 18th February 2022


Dear Year 1/2,

Unfortunately school is closed today because of Storm Eunice. Please enjoy sharing the work below, there is plenty to keep you busy! There are also activities on MyMaths and Abacus. I know we were meant to be presenting our Radio broadcast today to the rest of the school. I will put it on the website later today for everyone to enjoy. Have a lovely half term and remember to stay safe today by staying indoors.

Take care

Mrs Smith


Year 1 and 2

We have been looking at shape in maths. Below is an investigation about 2D shape and patterns. Make yourself a set of shapes using paper and colouring pencils, then try the activity!


Have a go at this quiz - can you name the 2D shapes from the clues?

Shape hunt 

Why not see how many different shapes you can find in your home? It's amazing how many shapes you will find in everyday household items!

Can you find any other shapes like a hexagon or an octagon?



Year 1 and 2

Look at these posters advertising sailings on board the Titanic. Can you make your own poster to advertise the Titanic?


Your poster should include:

A bold title

Colorful, eye catching pictures

Information about the date, journey and price of tickets

Best handwriting!




Practice our Phase 5 split vowel digraphs with the activities below and enjoy joining in with the song to recap all the Phase 5 sounds by clicking the link!

Phonics song

Isolation work

W/C 14th February 2022

Maths Year 1

Counting in 2's, 5's and 10's

Please watch the following video lessons and complete the activity sheets below:

Count in 2's

Count in 5's

Count in 10's activity

Count in 10's




Make a poster to show everything you have learnt about the Titanic including why you think it sank. There are a set of fact cards below with a few reminders.

Posters should include:

Large title

Clear writing


Eye catching


Questions and answers

7th-11th February 2022

Year 1


Please watch the following lesson videos and then complete the activity sheets below:


Recognise and name 2d shapes

Sort 2d shapes

Patterns with 2d and 3d shapes



Safer Internet Day

Keeping ourselves safe online is extremely important. Tuesday, 8th February is Safer Internet Day. At school we will be highlighting ways to make sure we are safe and respectful when using online games and activities. Please work through these activities with an adult and ask if you do not understand.


Year 2 Spellings 14.2.22

Year 1 Spellings 14.2.22