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Year R Remote Learning

Remote learning - WB 28 March 2022

Here is some work if you are isolating at home and are feeling well enough.



The sounds this week are igh, oa and oo. Have a go at reading these books On the Moon and This Floats, That Sinks. You can also play a sound game and a word gameAll four have been allocated to you on Bug Club.



We have been learning about the coins 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p. Watch the first 6 minutes of this video telling you about using coins to make different amounts. See if you can make a shop at home where your items cost up to 10p. Take it in turns to be the customer and the shop keeper. What coins do you need to buy your items?



Now that Austin has arrived in the UK, he has started to find out about people who help us. Can you write a list of people who help us in the community?


Most people who help us wear a uniform so that we know who they are. Can you design a new uniform for someone who helps us?


You can also have a go at singing the 5 Little Firemen song. Please make sure you use Youtube with an adult.

Remote Learning - Friday 18th February

Good morning Reception!


Our school is closed today because of the storm. Please stay inside and stay safe.


Here is some work for you to do at home.



Have a go at safely watching the storm from your window. What can you see? Record your observations on Tapestry. You could also draw a picture of the storm which you can bring to school after the half term holiday.



This week we have performed our Puppet Show outcome and now it is time to review the performance. You can either upload a video to Tapestry or write your review.


You could try answering these questions:

What did you enjoy about the performance?

What did you think you did well?

Was there anything you could work on or improve for another performance?



Please watch this video to remind yourself about heavier and lighter. Then have a go at this activity.



I have allocated two games to play on Bug Club. You can access them through your account. The first one is Unit 8 (ch, sh, th, ng) Language and the second is Unit 9 (ai, ee, igh, oa, oo) Spelling .


Have a lovely half term holiday and I will see you on Monday 28th,

Miss Jackson





Work will be posted on this page for members of Year R who are isolating at home.