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Year R Remote Learning

Temporary Remote Learning for Reception



Please use your Active Learn log in to access the right level of books for your child.

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Username - Type 'first name, first letter of surname' e.g. jamest

Password: dog11

School code: 7kkm




PhonicsPlay - Phase 2 Resources




Write a Christmas list.  Use the sounds you know to spell each of the things you are hoping Santa will bring at Christmas. 




Ask your child to write these words.  Get them to split the words into the individual sounds.  Do not write the words for them to copy.  Get them to draw the animal too!


- cat

- dog

- rat

- pig 

- hen

- frog




Fun extras: 


- Talk to your family about what you will do together in the upcoming two week break. 

- Make a model of a Christmas tree with lego/blocks/playdough

- Make an advent wreath How to Make an Advent Wreath | Christmas Activity for Kids - YouTube