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Year 3/4

Times Table Practice

This activity exactly mirrors the 'Multiplication Tables Check' that will be given to children at the end of Year 4.

Place Value

Practice your understanding of Place Value.



Practice using and identifying different operations including;

addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.



Test your mental maths agility and skills on this Countdown game.

There are different levels of difficulty.


Magic Squares

Make each row, column and diagonal add up to the magic total.

Some magic squares have some numbers already in to get you going.


Power One

This is a maths game where the numbers in each row need to add up to a 

given total. The examples get progressively harder.


Power Two

Part two of the power game where you need to add up the numbers in the circles

to complete the puzzle. 


Timetables, angles, number facts and fractions

Answer as many timetables, angles, number facts

and fraction questions as you can in 90 seconds.