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We are proud that our school provides a happy and caring environment for the children to work in, and believe that children experience the most freedom when they are aware of, and abide by, a few clear rules. The behaviour of our children in school is good.  Their actions show how we value supporting and caring for each other to create the ethos and culture that visitors notice as soon as they enter the school. We constantly look for opportunities to praise and reward the children. Our rewards not only concentrate on academic results but also the attributes of helpfulness, politeness and tidiness, which we hold in high regard. When a child falls below the standards expected we initiate a clear and fair discipline procedure and work closely with our parents to ensure that any problems are solved at a very early stage.

A quote from our 2016 SIAMS inspection states,

"The school’s Christian values of Challenge, Integrity, Respect, Community, Love and Equality (CIRCLE) are central to the life of this school. The CIRCLE values are displayed in prominent positions throughout the school and crucially in classrooms where they are integral to each lesson. They are known, understood and lived out by all the school community. Learners understand how these values impact on their lives and on their learning. A group of learners described the values as ‘a set of rules to live by which help us to be the best people we can be.’ Curriculum planning is designed to develop both the school’s Christian values and spirituality which enables learners to thrive. Learners’ behaviour is excellent."


Our Positive Behaviour Policy can be found following this link:

Home-School Agreement

This highlights the shared responsibilities of all who have a vested interest in the education and welfare of the children – children, parents and school staff.  All parties sign the agreement each year.