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Easter April 2022

A Cross of Colours

Easter is a time of year when new colours start to appear, the spring bulbs, the brighter days and greener fields emerging from the darkness of winter. It is easy to think of the rugged brown cross on which Jesus gave his life as a symbol for Easter, a sad time. However, Easter is not all about being sad, it is also about being happy.  This year we have decided to look at the colours which celebrate Jesus life, acknowledge his sacrifice for us and rejoice in his resurrection to eternal life.

Matthew 5 v14 says “You are like light for the whole world.”

Each class took a colour and represented aspects of Jesus' life using poems, stories, drama and Bible readings. The colours were added to the cross making a visual reminder of each part. 

ORANGE is for Heaven so bright. 

YELLOW is for God's perfect light. 

BLACK is for the sins we've made. 

RED is for the blood He gave. 

WHITE is for our cleansing from sin. 

GREEN is for our new life in Him. 

PINK is for His free gift to share. 

PURPLE is for the crowns we'll wear! 


God of creation,

We thank you for the wonders in the world around us.

We see beauty that takes our breath away.

We see amazing sights that we can’t wait to share with others.

Help us to open our eyes and see the wonders all around us.

Help us to open our hearts to respond to the wonders of the Easter story.