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Year 5/6 Remote Learning

Monday 19th July 2021


I hope you have all had a lovely and relaxing weekend and managed to catch up on some of the sleep you missed.  What a fabulous time we had on our residential and a fantastic way to end they school year.  Below is some work for you to try today.  Please feel free to email anything to the year 5 and 6 email address previously used, or you may like to post a photograph on the BLOG.



A reflective activity for you to do at any part of your day:


Is there something that you are worried about; something that you want God to help you with? It may be about your new school, about your family or about the world.

On a piece of paper and draw around your hand.

On your hand shape write or draw the thing that you want to put into God’s hands.




In your journal, write a reflection of your second nights sleep and the final day.  Remember you can present this any way you wish – pictures, poems, word clouds, writing. Try to reflect on how you felt – this will form a lovely memory book for you.



Have a go at the investigation ‘Four Triangles Puzzles’

You can do this interactively by following the link


Afternoon – Paper cup challenge


Your challenge is to design and create a paper cup that will hold water using only 1 A4 piece of paper, scissors, glue and water.  Take a photo of your creation and put it on the blog.  Time how long it held the water before it started to leak.


Tuesday 20th July 2021


Hope you enjoyed yesterday and did not make too much mess making water cups!



Did you know the word 'love' is used more than 300 times in the Bible? The word ‘love’ can be found somewhere in all religious texts. Have a think about some of the people who show love to you.


We love people in different ways and that is important. How our parents love each other is different from how we love them; how we love our parents is different from how we love our friends. 


The word ‘love’ is used so many times in the Bible because it is important for the whole world.


We can all help the world to have more love. Each day, we have the opportunity to show love to those around us.

Christians believe that God loves everyone very much. They believe that God wants this love to spread out to the world through our words and our actions.

What can you do today to show love to others? Examples could be to give someone a hug or helping someone at home . Often, our smallest actions have a big effect when they are carried out in love.


Use this heart template to write what you will do to show love today (or draw a heart if you cannot print!). You can write on it or draw what you will do.








We had a fabulous time at Minstead and thought we could help them with their advertising.  Create an advertising poster which could go to other schools encouraging them to visit.  You can use some of the photos on our website or draw pictures.  You can present your work using anything you wish.



Book Awards - TEAMs Call

10:00 Join Mrs Hagan and Mrs Harding on a TEAMs call for the St Mark’s first ever CIRCLE CREATIONS Book Awards. 



Below is a transition maths booklet for moving on to year 6 or year 7 plus a summer themed maths pack.  There are lots of different activities for you to do.  Choose which ones you would like to do and just print the relevant pages. We will be continuing with this for the rest of the week.




Paper Table Challenge.

You have to design and build a table that will hold a glue stick off the ground.  The winning design is the one which has the glue stick highest of the ground.  The table must have legs and a top and the glue stick must stay on the table by itself for 15 seconds. You are only allowed to use 1 A4 piece of paper, glue and scissors.  Post a photograph of your work on the Blog saying how high your table is.


Wednesday 21st July 2021


Hope everything is going well at home this week. It was lovely to see you on TEAMS today and have a quick chat.  Congratulations to everyone for amazing stories and those who won a Circle Creations Book Award.  You have been really creative with your table designs - well done.





The Starfish Story

One evening, a man was walking along a beach when he spotted a young boy down by the shore. The man noticed that the beach was littered with starfish that had been washed up by a storm. The starfish were now stranded, with no hope of returning to the sea. As the man watched the boy, he noticed that the boy was picking up the starfish one at a time and throwing them back into the sea. The man was a bit puzzled. How did the boy think he could help by throwing back one starfish at a time when there were so many starfish in need of saving? It was an impossible task!
The man walked across the sand to meet the boy. ‘What are you doing?’ the man asked.
‘Saving the starfish,’ the boy replied.
‘But how can you?’ responded the man. ‘There are so many here to save! What difference can you make?’
The boy picked up a starfish lying close to his feet and threw it back into the sea. As the starfish splashed into the water, the boy said, ‘Well, I made a difference to that one!’


The story teaches us that we can all make a difference to the world, no matter how big a problem can seem and no matter how small our actions may appear. Just like the boy in the story, we can change the world a little bit at a time.


Often, we see pictures of beaches and beautiful places cluttered with litter. This is terrible because:

- Litter on the beaches makes them look untidy and less attractive.
- Litter can carry disease.
- Litter can get into the water and pollute it.
- Litter can be eaten by animals and cause harm.
- Litter can get caught around animals’ bodies, causing damage and hindering their movement.

In the story, the boy helped to protect the starfish by putting them back into the water one at a time. We can all help our planet by doing little things that make a big difference when you put them together.

If we all took home our litter when we visited the beach, it would make a big difference. If, every time we visited the beach, we all removed one piece of litter that didn’t belong to us, we would quickly make a difference.


Christians believe that the world was created by God for human beings to enjoy and take care of. Taking responsibility for planet Earth can seem like a huge job. However, just like the boy in the starfish story, we can all play our part by doing little things that add up to changing the world together.


As you decorate your starfish in any way you choose, ask yourself, ‘How can I change the world today?’


Dear God,
Thank you for the beautiful world that you created.
Help each of us to take responsibility for our planet by making small differences in the world around us.



Sports Day

I have adapted the activities the children are doing at school so you can take part at home.  Feel free to do a little at a time as it is rather hot!  Below is the sheet which explains the tasks and is a recording sheet.  Please either email the sheet with your scores on it (plus which house you are in of just email me your personal bests for the 6 challenges.

Good Luck and enjoy.  I would love to see some photos.





Do a little research about The New Forest and some of the plants and animals you can find there.  Create a poster/leaflet so if someone went to visit the New Forest they could use work you have created to identify the animals.  Again, how you present your work is up to you.




12:30 TEAMS call for year 6

Join all the teachers for lunch on TEAMS so you can say a goodbye to other members of staff who you have not seen.   Year 5 you are welcome to join if you wish but we will be meeting to see how your week has gone tomorrow.



Continue with yesterday’s maths pack

Thursday 22nd July 2021



Thank you for those of you who sent your sports day scores in.  If you have not yet done so, please email them in this morning.  Year 6 don't forget to email in the photograph of you in your leavers t-shirt.

Today is Big Day IN so we are going to be creative!


Create a piece of artwork which will remind you of either your time at St Mark’s or MInstead.

Please use any materials you have around the home and try and be as creative as possible.



Last week you were brilliant at making your own lunch. Today, please can you design a meal for your family.  Use everything you learnt in your MasterChef project in 3/4 to help you.  If you have the ingredients, and under adult supervision, maybe you can make the meal.  Remember part of cooking is the cleaning up!  If you are allowed to cook, something delicious please put a photograph of it on the BLOG.





Please continue with any of the transition and summer maths pages you would like to do.

I have also attached a maths mystery if you would like to have a go at that.




2:00 TEAMS call – Catch up

Please can you all join the meeting.  We will be seeing how your week has gone so come with something to show or share about your last week of term.  I would really like to see some of the art work you have created.  We look forward to a chat and catch up.

Your Collective Worship for today. Gateway4Schools Children of the Bible Josiah

Fifth and last in the series of assemblies looking at children in the Bible.

Friday 23rd July 2021





TEAMS call

Please join us for worship this morning at 9:30 am and you will get to see the rest of the school.  Please can the year 6’s wear their leavers t-shirts as the school join together to end the term.

After worship we can say our final goodbyes as a class. 


In school, we would be tidying up the classroom (which I have done for you) so you may wish to help with some tidying at home.  You can then use the rest of the morning to plan what you are going to do this weekend to celebrate the end of isolation.


We all wish you every success next year and hope you have a truly wonderful summer holiday.