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Harvest 2023

Rainbow Harvest 2023

11th September

St Mark's Church

Our service began with the children singing "Who put the colours in the rainbow?" to a full church of families and our local community. 

As the last line of the hymn reminded us, God made everything.
The first thing he made was light. This light can be split into all the colours of the rainbow. When you mix these, you can produce other colours. Colour is one of God's gifts to us.
God was like an artist. He was happy with the world, so he painted it with many colours. He wants us to enjoy these colours.

Each class celebrated a colour using songs, poems and drama. You can see our colourful Harvest in the photographs below.

A big thank you to all our families for the generous donations to the Farnborough Food Bank at the Trussell Trust and The Larder at the Good Shepherd Church.