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Remembrance November 2021


On Thursday 11th November, we held our annual Remembrance worship which was deeply moving. Each class lay a special wreath during the service to represent different casualties of war. Year 5/6 lay a black poppy wreath, representing pride, honour, glory and hope for Black, African, Caribbean and Asian soldiers who sadly died in the war. Year 3/4 lay a white poppy wreath to help us to think about peace—hope for peace always and pray that there will be no more war. Year 3/4 lay a purple poppy wreath to commemorate and remember the animals killed in wars. Year R lay a red poppy wreath, the most famous symbol used to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives in World War one and conflicts that followed. Merryn, in Year 6, read us the most beautiful rendition of ‘Do not stand over my grave’ and we all marked our respect with a two minute silence at 11am.