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Christmas Nativity 2016


Christmas Nativity 2016

'Lights, Camel, Action!'


The Nativity performance on Sunday 11th December  created so much laughter and applause as the infants transformed into a  jam-packed cast of nativity celebrities as they celebrate Jesus' birth with a dazzling dance show! The show was supported by St Mark's and the Christmas Crackers (the Junior choir  - with outstanding soloists).


We had so many positive comments from parents, grandparents and special visitors:


"The best ever!"

"Incredible, everyone got to play an important role."

"To say we enjoyed it is an understatement!"

"Such a creative way to bring modern day events to help tell the story, well done!"


As always, the staff were incredibly proud of all the children. So many lines to learn and songs to sing, yet all said and sang with clarity and pride whilst holding the true meaning of Christmas within the heart of it all.