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Year 3/4 Remote Learning

Week Beginning 28th March

Here is this week's isolation work if you are feeling well enough to do some.  Remember that if you have time you can do reading and times tables.  Maybe you could send us a book review of your favourite book you have been reading this week.


Monday 28th


Year 3 maths

Monday - Arithmetic.  We have been working hard on improving our arithmetic skills recently.  Please have a go at the arithmetic paper below.



We are looking at the difference between fact and opinion.  Go through the powerpoint below to remind you of the difference between fact and opinion.

There is a page of information about the Romans.  Identify if they are fact or opinions.



Words ending in ation.  There is a powerpoint to work through.  Use the bingo sheet to match the definitions to the spelling words.


Homework - 

You have some mymaths set and continue to learn your times tables. 


Tuesday 29th March



We are learning Roman numerals, one of the legacies of Rome. Watch the video

There is then a mosaic sheet to complete



We are learning why the Romans left Britain.  Follow the lesson on



There is a Roman comprehension to complete below.



Wednesday 30th March



We will continue to look at Roman numerals.  Below is a numberline to complete and a matching sheet.  If you fancy a challenge you can try and solve the additions. 



We are going to learn a bit more about the Roman towns.  

Below you will find a two Powerpoints to give you some information.  There is then a map to label some of the main Roman towns and a grid for you to complete by doing some independent research.



There is a comprehension about Roman baths if you have time.

Thursday 31st March



Your last lesson on Roman numerals - I am sure you are an expert by now!

Go through the Powerpoint and sheets below



We are going to be finding out about what the Romans left for us.  Below are lots of sheets which give you a brief outline of some of the many things they left us (You don't need to print these - just read them).  Decide which you think are the most important using the diamond nine cards and write a short statement about which you think is the most important.


Choose one of the things form Roman's legacy which you think is most important.  Do some research online to find out more information and then create a poster to share.  This bbc website has some information to get you started.


Friday 1st April 2022



We are going to do an investigation using our times table knowledge.  Remember to keep practicing those!

There is a problem below where you need to find the number of Zio and Zept aliens. 

Hint: It might help you to write your 3 and 7 times table out. 

Challenge: Can you find all the different solutions?

What if there were 104 legs?

Can you make up your own question to investigate?



Today you are going to learn about Hadrian's wall.  Below is a lesson presentation for you to go through to gain a better understanding of what Hadrian's all is. Then choose the appropriate level sheet to complete.