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The Voyage of the Beagle Spring -2

As part of this project, we had the opportunity to visit Down House, Charles Darwin's residence, where they engaged in a workshop about the famous Galapagos finches (this included hands-on activity such as the beak shape experiment to introduce the concept of evolution) alongside Darwin's experiences aboard The Beagle and his family life.

Down House

Throughout the unit, students delved into Darwin's life, his pivotal five-year voyage aboard the Beagle, the importance of his discoveries, and their impact both historically and in modern society. They also identifying the ongoing conflict between some of Darwin's theories and certain Christian beliefs.

Experimenting with different shaped beaks

In the process, children honed their scientific skills related to the study of living organisms and evolution. Additionally, they refined their writing abilities by focusing not only on grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling, but also on adapting their writing to various genres appropriate for the task, such as diaries and biographies. 

Scientific investigation into fossils

To support our writing and enhance our understanding, we read rich texts such as "Darwin Dragons" and "The Moth," providing additional insights and contexts for exploration. Throughout the project, we wrote in a variety of formats, including diaries, biographies, setting descriptions, and short stories (narratives).