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The Road from Rome Spring 1 2024

The Road from Rome

Spring 1 2024


RATIONALE: In response to excavation of the Roman artefacts, children will learn about the Roman Empire and its effect and legacy on Britain. The children will gain an understanding of the role Rome had over Britain and its influence on the modern day. Through learning about how the Romans were able to rule such a large Empire, the children will consider how we find out things from the past, how the Romans lived in Britain and Boudicca’s rebellion. Through exploring the Roman ruling and justice systems, children will begin to understand how our country is run today. Whilst reading The Leopard in the Golden Cage, the children will explore further how the Romans lived through exploration of character and writing a non-chronological report. After this, the children will investigate why the Roman Empire ceased in Britain and the influence and legacy the left behind.

Chronology is the study of time and the order in which events happened. Today we investigated the history of Britain on a timeline and tried to make sense of the huge time spans from the Mesozoic Era to present day Britain!

The Roman Empire.... but what is an Empire?

We became archaeologists to find out about Romans. We learnt that, as there are no photographs of the time, we have to use clues like artefacts, written pieces and drawings to put together to find out what life was like. A bit like history detectives!

The book we are enjoying this project is The Leopard in the Golden Cage by Julia Edwards. It is about a boy called Joe who travels back in time to the Romans!

As part of our exhibition for parents, we will be showcasing pop up information books. So far, we have been investigating pop up books and different types of pop ups!

Why did Romans build roads and towns? We explored the reasons why and then used atlases to help us to find where famous Roman roads were built.

To enhance our knowledge about the Romans, there was a lot we could find out from our class book. We learnt about what the villa looked like, what the rich Romans ate and how they washed their feet before their hands at meal times!

We used historical written accounts to find out what Boudicca looked like. We then explored the reasons for the battle and compared the Celtic and Roman armies investigating why the Celts lost during the Final Battle.

As our DT learning, we were exploring how to make pop up books. We explored box fold and V fold pop ups.

Pop up books!

We designed visually appealing front covers. We had explored what this meant in Snuggle Up with our stockings and so were able to apply our existing knowledge!

Our Roman Exhibition!