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The Book Thieves Spring -1

The children received a concerning email from Hampshire Library Service, informing them that due to financial constraints and declining interest, 25% of the books from the school library would be removed. In response, they immediately sprang into action, creating blurbs, poetry, how-to guides, and informative texts to replenish the shelves with new content.

To ensure the longevity of their beloved books, they utilised their DT-Textile skills to create practical book bags for safe transportation. However, desiring to create items that others would want to purchase, they delved into research on artists who utilise textiles for inspiration in designing their book bags.

A few of our finished book bags

Recognising the importance of advocacy, they penned persuasive letters to Hampshire Library Service, urging them to reconsider their decision to defund the library.

In celebration of their efforts, they shared their creations and written work with Sapphire class, showcasing their "Love of Reading" packs designed to inspire younger children to embrace the joy of reading.

Sharing our work with Sapphire class