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Summer 1 - Reception to the Rescue

Reception to the Rescue

Understanding the World - Literacy - Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Interdependence and thinking

Rationale: A box of costumes and equipment have appeared in the home corner. Who could they belong to? Through visitors to school and books, the children will learn about the important roles people in our community hold and how they help us. They will also think about what they would like to be when they grow up. Using what they have learnt, they will make an information poster about different jobs.


Hook: A box of costumes appear in the home corner. At the bottom of the box there is a book about jobs people do at night.

Different visitors came and talked to us about their jobs or a role they do in our community.


Data Scientists

The Fire Service

Charity Worker

Sunday School Helper

Police Officer and PCSO

Army Solider

We have been pretending to have different jobs.

As well as drawing pictures of superheroes.

In our investigation area we were rocket designers and builders.

As well as Audiologists investigating making sounds louder.


We used our knowledge of jobs and roles to create a poster.