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World Book Day 2017

World Book Day @ ST Mark's 2017


If you ventured into St Mark’s on Thursday you will have noticed that everyone appeared to be someone else! Yes, it was World Book Day and the children and staff filled the school with many characters from a range of books and brought them to life.


If you visited the office, you may have been greeted by Alice from Wonderland, Miss Trunchbull or Wally!


We enjoyed a magnificent afternoon which started with an assembly, allowing all the children (and staff!) to parade their fantastic characters - from Harry Potter to Dorothy from Oz! This was followed by sessions of storytelling led by the staff and the children selected the stories they wanted to hear…


More importantly the day allowed the children further opportunities to demonstrate their love for reading and all children were presented with their £1 book token.


Click here to see what can you do with  your £1 Book token.