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The School Garden Needs You!

Dear Parents

The school garden needs your help!

Our aim is to create a vibrant garden for the children to enjoy and care for.

This year we are asking families to help kick-start the growing process by planting and caring for seeds at home over the Easter holiday. Once they have germinated please bring them back to school to be transferred to the school garden.

The seeds we have are:



Spring Onions

Salad leaves





Poached egg Limnanthes



These seeds can either be grown in trays or pots. If you choose to grow carrots we would appreciate if you could grow them in a large container as the seedlings cannot be replanted and the container will be returned after harvesting.

If you think you could help please come to sign up and select the seeds you would like grow at our Seed Station on the playground at the end of the school day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We are also in need of COMPOST any donations will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your continued support and if you are keen to help in the garden please speak to Mrs Shipley, Miss Ross or Mrs Smith.

Let’s get growing!