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Harvest Festival 2020

This year we will held a 'virtual' Harvest Festival with each class bubble preparing a prayer or poem about 'feeding the world'. In addition we collected essential items for the Farnborough Food Bank as part of our 'Feed the World' theme.

We have produced a short video film to show parts of our event with you all.

We hope that you enjoy it. You can see it here. 


Message from the Farnborough Food Bank:

How impressive; really amazed how well you have done this year.

Thank you most sincerely for taking the trouble to request the specific items we need.

It is a most valuable and worthwhile effort.

Please thank all involved in the arrangements and especially those contributing.

Extremely happy to report the entire provision donation came to a very generous:


Magnificent effort!

Bless you all.

Kindest regards, we thank you on behalf of all those benefiting from this wonderful donation.

Colin Williams, Project Manager, Farnborough FoodBank