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Minstead 2021

Day 1

We’re all packed up and raring to go!! 
Smiling faces and getting ready to get on the coach! 

On their way!

We’re on our way now!! On our way to Minstead!!

We have arrived!! After a pony traffic jam, we arrived safely at the centre. We are now going to make our beds!! 😂

Making our beds!! 

Exploration Walk of Minstead grounds. 

Making lunch and eating in the meadow!

Off on a Forest adventure!

We have just had dinner- pizza!! Before that we had a  fire drill and we are now in the classroom reflecting on our wonderful day. Afterwards we are off to have a camp fire! 

Fun at the camp fire!

I’ve been bitten by a Boa constrictor! 😂

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Down time before bed!!

Day 2

Goooooooood Morning!! We are very excited about what the day will bring for us! Today we have so much fun planned! 

We are just preparing for our first activity!

Working on our water cycles ...with beads!

Off to our River study!

Hello! We’re having a lovely time!

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River dipping!

After lunch we walked through the forest to build shelters!

After our dinner we played games, fed the sheep and Mrs Stocchetti led a session of ‘tree people with natural art’ in the Beech Wood.

Our final night...ending with movie night...🎬and, of course, popcorn! 🍿 We’ve all had a fantastic time!

Day 3

We are all packed but NOT ready to  go as we are having far too much fun!! After breakfast some of us went off to do orienteering and some of us went off to reflect on the wonderful times we have spent together at Minstead ...and our time at Primary school. 
After lunch we headed off home for a well deserved rest- teachers too! 
Well done St Mark’s ...the Minstead team all told us that you were one if the loveliest, must polite group of children they had had! ....That will be your CIRCLE values in action then! 

And a huge thank you to James, Zebe, Laura, Lucy, Teresa and all the Minstead team for helping to make our time at Minstead so enjoyable and memorable! 

By the way, Year 6, which school do you love? 💙

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