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Autumn 1 - The Art of Being Human

We're super excited to tell you all about what we've been learning in our "Art of Being Human" unit this half term. It's been a fantastic journey of discovery, and we can't wait to share it with you!

Blood Smoothies:

You won't believe how cool it is to learn about our blood! We made these things called "Blood Smoothies" to understand what's inside our blood. We used different ingredients to represent red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and antigens – it was like making a healthy rainbow drink while we got to know our bodies better.

Clay Hearts:

Clay hearts were awesome! We got to create little heart models with our own hands. It was like a fun craft project, but we also learned how our hearts actually work. Learning by making things is just the best!

Food Technology: Baking Bread and Making Coleslaw:

This was delicious and educational! We baked our own bread from scratch and made coleslaw with fresh ingredients. It was like being chefs for a day. We learned about why it's important to eat healthy and delicious food. Using skills such as mixing, kneading, baking, chopping and grating.

Learning About the Circulatory System:

We took a journey inside our own bodies to explore the circulatory system. Creating wonderful non-chronological reports. We made models and played games to understand how our blood moves around.

Healthy Living:

We wrote some great leaflets about staying healthy in lots of ways. Producing a wonderful display to share with all the children of St-Marks. We learned about good food, exercise, and how to take care of our bodies. It's all about making choices that help us have a happy and healthy life.