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All the fun of the fair Summer -1

Today, we embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of theme park design and innovation. Our mission? To delve into the creation of a prototype ride for the esteemed Fun Land UK and its upcoming theme park expansion. Join us as we explore the exciting realm where imagination meets engineering prowess, and together, we'll craft an experience that promises to redefine entertainment standards. Get ready to unleash your creativity and dive into the heart of theme park magic!

To kick start our project, we sought the guidance of none other than the Noyce Family. With open arms, they invited us into their workshop to unravel the mysteries behind the flashing lights of the fairground. As we immerse ourselves in this enlightening experience, we're gaining invaluable insights into the logistical hurdles and rich history that underpin the world of the fair.

I am delighted to share with you the wonderful work our children have accomplished in our recent project. The past few weeks have been filled with exciting activities that have engaged the children in both their writing and scientific skills. Here is an overview of what we have done:

Literacy Work:

Suspense Narrative: The children wrote their own suspense narratives, incorporating various stylistic devices to build tension and engage readers.
Setting Description: They crafted detailed descriptions of settings, using rich vocabulary to create vivid imagery and atmospheres in their writing.
Biography: The students researched and wrote biographies, practicing how to convey information in a formal tone and using adverbials for cohesion.
Science and Computing:

Electricity and Circuits: The children learned about electricity and how to create simple circuits. They explored the basics of electrical components and their functions.
Programming a Microcontroller: We introduced the students to programming with a microcontroller called Crumble. They learned how to write basic code and control simple electronic devices.
Design and Technology:

Prototype Fairground Rides: Applying their knowledge from the science lessons, the students designed and built prototype fairground rides. They used their understanding of circuits and programming to add movement and lighting to their models.
The integration of these subjects has provided the students with a comprehensive learning experience, combining creativity with technical skills. They have shown great enthusiasm and have worked diligently on their projects, demonstrating both teamwork and individual problem-solving abilities.

We are incredibly proud of their efforts and achievements. 


Our finished rides

More of our finished rides

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