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Sports Hall Athletics

A huge well done to our amazing athletics team who showed all our school values whilst competing in this event! We were so proud of their courage, determination and success!

Year 3/4

Soft Archery

Well done to our team for showing amazing aiming skills and for keeping calm under pressure! They managed to hit beach balls and skittles! One of out team members won the award for sporting spirit too!


Year 3/4

Sitting Volleyball

Year 5

Pickleball Festival

A big well done to our Pickleball Squad who were some of the first pupils to have a go at Pickleball which is a mixture of table tennis, tennis and badminton!


Christmas Multi Skills Festival

Year 5/6 Badminton Pathway Event 

A huge congratulations to our badminton team for taking part in this competition. They played against 8 other schools, playing doubles and singles matches. They were recognised and awarded the, 'Team Spirit' certificate for Determination and for never giving up and always having a smile on their faces. They really enjoyed this event and have made St Mark's really proud. 



Year 5/6 Badminton Team

Well done to our Indoor Cricket Team! Our Y3/4 team of 8 were quick to learn some key cricket aiming, throwing and catching skills before taking part in some games of non- stop cricket against the 7 other schools taking part. Some superb hits and runs scored by all involved - great to watch!

Indoor Cricket Y3/4

Well done to our Year 5/6's for taking part in the badminton festival event. This involved lots of quick learning from hitting the shuttle cock over the net, serving and working with a partner. The team were very quick to learn how to play and showed wonderful determination, never once giving up! A really tricky sport to learn but they did it and thoroughly enjoyed the event. Well done everyone.

Aldershot Tennis Club Sessions at St Mark's

We were very lucky to have Aldershot Tennis Club visit us this week. Every class had a tennis session and they were taught a variety of tennis skills such as keeping their eye on the ball, throwing and catching, hitting and aiming skills. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and it was a great way of raising the profile of tennis.

Y1/2 Indoor Cricket - "How's That?!'

What a brilliant time Y1/2 had at indoor cricket! They learnt how to throw and aim their ball at the wicket and had a go at being fielders and batters. They were really incredible at persevering and got better and better. They finished their session with a game and we had some amazing shots! Well done everyone - you really did enjoy yourselves!

Y6 Tchoukball

A brilliant first attempt at Tchoukball! Not having played before the children were given a simple demonstration of this fast moving game and then immediately had a go! The aim was to throw the ball onto the target and if it rebounded and touched the ground they scored a point. They could only hold the ball for 3 seconds and move 3 steps before they had to throw to their team. They competed with 9 other local schools and tried so hard - thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Kurling Y3/4

Well done to our Kurling team for winning 2 out of 3 events! We achieved joint top scores for 'Through the Tunnel' and 'Skittles' events and showed true team spirit cheering on their opponents and each other. The trio showed control and fantastic aiming skills by sliding the stones through the legs of a chair and by knocking down the skittles. Well done for a brilliant event.

Yr5/6 Hockey Festival! A fantastic afternoon of learning new hockey skills followed by matches against other local schools. We were very proud of how the children rose to the challenge and even received a certificate and medal for demonstrating determination! Well done children - you were FABULOUS!!

What a way to start off this year's sports events!!!! The Salesian 5 a side Football festival took place on their sports fields and over 40 local teams competed. Our mixed Year 5/6 team faced tough opposition but played demonstrating great teamwork and commitment to our values. Well done children, as always you were a pleasure to spend the afternoon with.


Great fun at swimming this week! Lots of jumping and various versions of Happy Birthday!! Our water skills are getting better and better!

Golf Festival - Yr1/2 loved taking part in the golf event tonight. They played 6 different games and improved each time! Well done to our played of the match, who was awarded a beautiful medal!

May 2019: More Netball League matches - the children are really starting to show great tactics and are working hard as a complete team, including the children who are off court cheering and offering advice. Well done Yr5/6, fantastic values in action!

Futsal Festival, April 2019 - the boys played 4 other schools in this friendly festival. Lots of goals were scored through out the evening and we finished the event in second place. Well done boys, what a great result but more importantly you demonstrated excellent sportsmanship!

Reception and Year 5 started their swimming lessons this week. They were all brilliant!  

Netball League Match St Peter's - a brilliant match was played last night where the children demonstrated great team work, improved defending and superb shooting skills! Well Done children you were AMAZING! A closely fought match with the final score 5-2 to St Mark's! A big thank you to St Peter's for hosting and for the squash and biscuits!

Netball matches - we had our first Yr5/6 League and Friendly matches against South Farnborough Juniors on Thursday evening. they were competitive games but our footwork was sound and now we need to focus more on our defending. Thank you to SFJ for hosting and especially the refreshments afterwards!!

First Ever Ultimate Frizbee Festival! A group of Yr 5/6 took part in the first ever NEH Frizbee Festival held at Wellington Community School. It was a great evening of learning how to play a new sport and competing in matches against other local schools. The children are now ready to be ambassadors for the sport and teach it to the rest of St Mark's! Well done children, as always you played using your CIRCLE values and I was extremely proud of you all!

Yr3/4 Tag Rugby Festival - We had a wonderful evening playing many games of tag rugby against other local schools. The children's skills improved with each match played and the last game was very exciting with an excellent win. St Mark's as always played demonstrating great sportsmanship and of course our CIRCLE values. A big thank you to one of our Yr6 sports leaders who came to support his brother but also assisted the team with the warm up, tactics and organisation. Well Done to everyone who attended, a great festival!!

Basketball Festival - Yr5/6 had a brilliant evening playing basketball against 3 other local schools. The event was held at The Wavell School using their full sized basketball court. The team played with enthusiasm and determination throughout the 12 minute matches. We also received Player of the Festival. Well Done children, as always you were an absolute pleasure to take and represented St Mark's with pride and excellent sportsmanship!

Year 3/4 tried out New age Curling - they had a great afternoon. A huge thank you to Mrs Miles for taking them, she had a wonderful time too and said what a pleasure the children were to take to an event. CIRCLE values in action!

Yr 1/2 Cricket Festival at Eversley Indoor Cricket Centre. We had a brilliant time taking part in lots of different cricket related games and challenges. A huge thank you to everyone for making the journey in the snowy conditions!! Well done children for showing so much enthusiasm and energy!!

NEH Badminton Festival November 2018 - Year 5/6 had a brilliant evening of badminton games at Samuel Cody School. They played in pairs against lots of other local schools and showed our CIRCLE values in action by being awarded the School Games Sporting Spirit award for Teamwork. A huge WELL DONE!!

Yr3/4 enter the very first NEH Dodgeball Festival! A team of 6 Year 3/4 children had a wonderful evening taking part in a host of very fast paced activities followed by a series of matches against other local schools. This was the first time a dodgeball festival has been organised by our SSGO and the response from the children was extremely positive. An incredibly quick, tactical and energetic game!! Congratulations to two of our team who received certificates from demonstrating the School Games Values of Passion and Respect. As always it was a pleasure to take our children to a sports event, seeing them put our school values into action. Well done Yr3/4 you played competitively but with great sportsmanship and teamwork.

Handball Festival September '18 - Yr5/6 had a fabulous afternoon taking part in a variety of activities which practiced Handball skills. Then we played matches against other local schools putting our new skills to the test! The children were shining examples of teamwork and cooperation, showing our CIRCLE values in action! As always it was a pleasure to take you to this competition. Well Done Yr5/6 - I'm very proud of you!

Yr 6 Sports Leaders

14th September 2018

Our sporting year has started with the excitement of the Yr 6 Sports Leaders Training Day. On Friday all our Yr6 children took part in a whole day of training and assessments, preparing them to become ambassadors for sport within school. Their role will include organising activities at morning break and during Friday Tea-Set, helping with after school sports events at Samuel Cody run by our SSGO and the biggest job of all "Sports Day"! They are expected to be exceptional role models for the other children and encourage everyone to become more active. I was very impressed with the Yr6 attitude towards the training day and how hard they worked. They are going to be FANTASTIC sports leaders! Well Done Yr6 - it was a pleasure to spend the day with you and I am delighted that you all passed with flying colours!!!


Sports Day 2018

A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who helped make St Mark's Sport's Day such a huge success. We were blessed with a sunny afternoon, although it was almost too hot! The children cheered for their house, supporting each other and demonstrating wonderful sportsmanship. The field was packed with parents and families ready to watch the full range of traditional races, from egg and spoon to the hurdles! Blyton House lifted the trophy this year - congratulations to all!

KS1 Tennis Festival - an amazing afternoon of exciting tennis activities!

A busy week of Sport! Yr1/2 Multiskills and Yr5/6 Golf Festival. After being postponed earlier in the term due to very heavy rain, the eagerly anticipated Golf festival took place. The children undertook a round robin of events, challenging Mrs Smith to keep up with some complex scoring calculations!! This week the Yr1/2 children also took part in a Multiskills festival, which was great fun! Huge congratulations to EM for winning a wonderful medal, award for excellence in throwing. A super evening!!

North East Hants Netball Tournament - June 2018. The netball team showing true determination throughout a selection of really tough matches. Well done, as always I am so proud of the way you display our school values! Thank you to our supporter too!

More swimming!!! St Mark's have taken to the water yet again, this time Yr3 and a top up group came to enjoy a week of intensive lessons. The children swam for an hour everyday, showing great progress over the week. The sessions concluded with life saving skills and the children getting used to swimming in clothes. A huge thank you to Farnborough Fins amazing teachers for all the excellent swimming this year.

Yr1 to 6 all enjoying PE at the field this term. Cricket, rounders and athletics!! All great fun and very active!!!!

Golf Festival May 2018 - Yr3/4 enjoying a lovely evening of different golf activities!

All year groups are taking part in a Yoga course during this academic year. These are some of our infants loving trying out different poses! "It's so much fun, we get to make lots of shapes." "We love yoga, Mrs Collinson does it too!" "It makes our bodies work hard."

More swimming! April 2018

Yr1 and Yr5 are taking their turn in the pool this term. They have already shown that we have some very confident swimmers! Being able to swim is such an important life skill and the children will be learning about water safety in other situations and life saving techniques.

Yr5/6 Netball League - Matches are well underway! We are learning lots every time we play. Our tactics are definitely improving!

Tag Rugby Festivals March 2018! Both Yr 3/4 and Yr 5/6 have taken part in Tag Rugby festivals this month. Lots of great matches and experience gained from playing many different schools. As always St Mark's displaying their CIRCLE values and working brilliantly as a team!

KS1 Mulitskills Festival March 2018 - A fabulous afternoon of trying out SO many different activities! The children truly demonstrated our CIRCLE values and showed great support for one another. Well Done Yr1/2 Miss Norgate and I were so proud of you all!!!!!!!.

YrR have started SWIMMING!

February 2018

We are having a wonderful time exploring the water and becoming more and more confident.

Dare to Believe Festival

Farnham Leisure Centre

November 2017

We had an amazing afternoon trying out a whole range of exciting new sports. St Mark's teamed up with SFJ school and represented Team GB. We then travelled around each activity giving it our very best! The children were inspired by Paralympic Swimmer Kate Grey and loved her support while they were experiencing the activities. We came away with wrist bands and water bottles and the memories of a truly brilliant and inspiring afternoon. The children are set to introduce these games to play times and PE lessons. Well Done St Mark's!

Dare to Believe Festival November 2017

Handball Festival September 2017 - A fast paced evening of games! Well Done everyone, it was great fun!!!!

New Sports Leaders 2017

Our new group of Y6 Sports Leaders completed their training and assessment on Friday 22nd September. They worked extremely hard for the whole day learning the theory behind the program and then practicing their skills firstly on each other before being let loose with group of Y1 and Y2. All the leaders successfully passed their assessment - Well done Y6, you were an absolute pleasure to work with, you demonstrated excellent skills whilst always remembering our CIRCLE values.

Comments from Y1 and Y2:

"I loved the activity, it was so exciting"

"They were really kind. They showed us what to do."

"It was super fun. I'm really hot we did lots of moving about."

"I liked getting the treasure from the hoop."

Our Sports Leaders will now run activities every break time for the rest of the school as well as helping at intra and inter school events.

Multiskills Personal Best Challenge 2017 - YrR to Yr4 have enjoyed completing the multiskills challenges this week, trying to achieve their personal best!

Sports Day 2017

The whole St Mark's family came together to enjoy a sunny Sports Day at Queen's Road Recreation Ground. We were joined by parents, younger siblings, our Governors and lots of helpers! A very special day was had by all. A huge thank you to everyone for making Sports Day 2017 such a success!

Celebrating a birthday at Swimming!

Year 1 are loving their swimming lessons! 2017

Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Festival 2017

KS1 Multiskills Festival 2017

A fantastic time was had by all the children and they especially loved receiving some beautiful shiny gold medals!

Yr5/6 Swimming 2017

Yr3 Swimming 2017

Friendly Football Festival November 2016

5 local schools got together at Samuel Cody Sports College for an afternoon of friendly football matches. This gave a huge number of children from each school with a wide range of ability the opportunity to play in a relaxed and supported environment. St Mark's took two teams a boys and a girls squad. Well Done to everyone for an excellent afternoon of football.

Tag Rugby League - Round 1 October 2016

Handball Festival October 2016

We are hooked - what a great game!!!!!

Sports Leaders 2016

On Friday 16th September the Year 6 children undertook a full days training to become our new Sports Leaders. They started the day learning about the main aspects of leading groups of children and then played lots of games to find out different ways of gaining attention, grouping and delivering instructions. The children split into groups of three to plan an activity for the Yr1/2 children. It was amazing to see how their confidence grew through out the day and how they realised the responsibility they were being given. It was also a perfect opportunity to see the children demonstrating our CIRCLE values and seeing them in action.

Well Done Year 6, it was a busy day but I am very proud of you all!

Congratulations to our New Sports Leaders 2016!

Silver School Games Award


St Mark's are very proud of our new award!

Keep up the good work children, you are amazing at rising to any challenge!


NEH School Games

St Mark's CofE Primary 



We have been awarded this fantastic trophy for our amazing Sports Leaders, contributions to NEH competitions and above all the vast number of positive comments received by the SGO about the manner in which St Mark's children compete in sports events! Well Done children, we are so very proud of you!!

This prize was presented to us at the annual Sports Awards by Olympic rower, Charles Cousins. The evening was hosted by four of our WONDERFUL Year 5 children, who spoke confidently and clearly on the stage in front of a packed hall. They introduced themselves and told the audience about becoming Sports Leaders at St Mark's, before welcoming each award presenter to the stage. Mrs Stocchetti and Mrs Smith were incredibly proud of their outstanding presentation skills and the superb way they represented our school.

Sports Day 2016 - Well Done to everyone! What a fun afternoon of sport!

Yr 3/4 Tag Rugby Festival 2016

The children played 4 matches and improved with every match. The scores were very close and we began to learn some good tactics! Great team work Yr 3/4!smiley


Yr 3/4 Golf Festival - thank you to Mrs Stocchetti for coming with us! We were delighted with our 4th place out of 14 schools!

KS1 Multiskills Festival - thank you to the Sports Leaders from Yr 6 for coming to organise the activities! A great St Mark's team effort!

Netball League 2016. St Mark's v SFJ School A very close match with excellent play from both teams, finished 6-4. Well done to everyone who played! Year 5 friendly match, again a very close match finishing 1-4. Thank you for having us SFJ!

Multiskills Festival for Year 2 March 2016. The Year 6 Sports Leaders did a FANTASTIC job helping to run the events! Well Done everyone!

Swimming 2016. Year 1 and 3 having great fun in the pool, whilst learning very important water skills!

Basketball Festival February 2016. Well Done 5th Place!

Rushmoor Netball League 2016

We played our first league match against St Patrick's. Both teams showed great teamwork and sportsmanship. The final results was 9-2 to St Mark's.

Sports Hall Athletics February 2016

Fustal Festival January 2016 - an exciting new game!

Yr 5/6 enjoying the large apparatus and being creative with shapes!

Year 6 Sports Leaders

Congratulations to all our Year 6 children who have trained as Sports Leaders. They spent the day learning how to manage and deliver activities to groups of younger children. They will be organizing events and activities at our school and in partnership with other local schools.

Well Done Year 6 it was a pleasure to train such an enthusiastic group and to see how much you had learned by the end of the day. The Year 1 children who you organized the activities for thoroughly enjoyed their sessions!



Sports Leaders Training Day January 2016

Dance Club for Year 2 and 3 has started on Tuesdays after school. Great fun was had by all and Hannah was very impressed by how quickly the children learned the new moves!!

School Games Mark

We are delighted to be awarded with a Bronze School Games Mark 2014/2015 for recognition of our schools commitment to PE and school sport.

school games mark

Sports Competitions

Children throughout the school take part in a variety of sports competitions against other schools. We strive to promote healthy competition whilst reinforcing good sportsmanship. 

See the photographs below for some of our recent events.

NEH Basketball Festival 22nd October 2015


NEH Tag Rugby League 

October 2015


The Yr5/6 team played 3 matches against Manor, Guillemont and Wellington. All matches were played with determination whilst demonstrating fair play and good sportsmanship. Well Done!



Handball Festival September 2105

This was a new sports for St Mark's! The children thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon learning Handball and quickly picked up the skills needed to play with determination against the other schools. 


The Handball Squad! Well done children, you demonstrated great teamwork.

handball squad