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The high quality and engaging PE Curriculum at St Marks aims to inspire and prepare pupils for an active and healthy lifestyle. Pupils experience the benefits of physical activity through exciting sports clubs and sporting events. Pupils are motivated and enthusiastic about their Physical Education and understand both the physical and mental benefits of exercise and taking part in sports.  


Lessons allow pupils to experience and take part in a wide range of physical activities, games and sports. Key skills are learnt, practised, further developed and applied each year, allowing pupils to become proficient in these.  



PE lessons are planned to ensure that all pupils can access quality first teaching that challenges and inspires pupils. All teachers use the PE Planning scheme and this ensures there is consistency across long term planning, language used and skills taught are recursive and cumulative. Pupils are provided with opportunities to use a range of equipment, both in PE lessons and during break times.  


The PE curriculum at St Mark’s has been planned to also provide opportunities for pupils to demonstrate and develop their school Learning Values of; Challenge, Community, Equity, Thinking, Interdependence and Independence.  

We provide sporting opportunities at after school clubs, such as Netball, Gymnastics and Football. Pupils also take part in whole school sporting events like Sports Day.  

PE Long Term Plan