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Our Promise Summer 1 2024

Our Promise

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3-4 hear a variety of different sounds which conjure up fabulous images of nature: paradise beaches, lush rainforests and fascinating woodland. They then see pictures of the areas being polluted and destroyed by plastic waste and deforestation. In response to discussing what they can see and how it makes them feel, we will embark on a promise to learn about how to protect our world. Throughout the project, the children will learn all about plants and how to care for them; they will explore rainforests, their climate and environmental issues effecting them in Geography and in English they will write an informative narrative using Nicola Davies' The Promise to inspire them. We will then host a garden party, where we will share our learning and our promise with our families. 

Things to do at home linked with our project

Here are some great places to visit that link with our project!


During the school holidays, any local Squires garden centres do some great activities for children which usually involve plants!

Geography: where are the rainforests? We discovered that there is more than just the Amazon rainforest! We used atlases to locate different countries which have rainforests in and discovered that they are near the equator and between the Tropics. We used our previous learning to help us decide that rainforests must be hot places.

We then read a story about a boy called Romel who lives in the rainforest in Equador. We found his life fascinating! After this, we used the internet to find out information about Equador for example its population size, capital city, its location and what it is famous for.

We will be writing informative stories this half term so we have begun to explore more ways author's describe... we explored similes today!

We then wrote a news report to inform people about the polluted beaches using expanded noun phrases and similes...

In Science, we explored the different parts of a flower building on what we learnt in KS1 when we were extraordinary gardeners!

In Geography this week, we have been learning the difference between weather and climate and what the climate is like in the rainforests

Today we explored the physical features of rainforests: layers. What are the layers called, what makes each layer different and which animals might you find there?

As part of our science learning - how to look after plants - we had a visitor who came in and showed us how to make seed bombs! These can be thrown into a garden and they will grow which will attract bees and other insects, helping to protect our ecosystem and protect our planet!

What animals live in the rainforest and where in the rainforest do they live? Why? We discovered that different animals live in different layers of the rainforest due to their needs: diet, shelter etc.