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Once Upon a Whoops! Summer 2

Once Upon a Whoops!

Summer 2 2024

Design and Technology, English and Art

(Science and History)

Thinking and Interdependence


After receiving Humpty Dumpty’s letter and request the children will set about designing Humpty Dumpty a new ambulance investigating wheels and axles. As artists they will learn to weave and create a blanket to keep Humpty Dumpty warm.  They will explore the characters in the story and learn the associated nursery rhymes, performing them from memory. They will look at writing their own version of a nursery rhyme and explore a different version of a traditional tale (little red riding hood), writing it for Humpty Dumpty to read.



Share the story of “Think Big” and a letter from Humpty Dumpty saying that his ride in the ambulance was very uncomfortable and cold. He is very bored in hospital and really needs something entertaining to read and listen to. Can we help?