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Year 6 Leavers Service at Guildford Cathedral

Our Year 6 children, accompanied by Mr Chambers and Mr Neighbour attended the wonderful annual Year 6 Leavers Service at Guildford Cathedral, on Monday 12th June. They took part in a series of reflective activities based around their journey through Primary School and looking to their future as they move into secondary education. Three of our Year 6 girls were asked to prepare a please prayer and read this with great confidence in front of a packed cathedral. 


Holy Father,

As we prepare to take our next step along the road of life, we would like to thank you for all the amazing people that we have met on our journey throughout primary school, particularly our classmates, teachers, LSAs and all the people who work so hard outside our classrooms to keep us happy, safe and well in school.

We ask for your guidance as we travel through the next chapters in our lives. Please give us courage and resilience to overcome any obstacles we will face. Please help us forge new friendships, whilst keeping the old. If times become tough, please help us choose the right path and forget our worries.

Thank you for enlightening our lives and for the gift of education. Please grant us a continuing love of learning as we move on to our new schools and the strength to face new challenges in our lives.

We ask this in Jesus’ name.



Each school was given a candle to pass onto the Year 5 children and the Dean gave an address focusing on "being light in the darkness".

This very special event marks just the beginning of a half term preparing and celebrating the Year 6's time at St Mark's.

Well done Year 6 - we are very proud of you!