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Year 5/6 Visit Guildford Cathedral

Year 5/6 spent the afternoon at Guildford Cathedral with the Surrey Get Vocal (SGV) team and were joined by 5 other local Primary Schools.


The afternoon offered a number of creative workshops at the Cathedral exploring the acoustics, iconography, materials and overall space. At the end all the children came together to share their written descriptive phrases and used them to create lyric which we sang together.


During the Afternoon the children of St Mark's were praised by the SGV team and other teachers on their exceptional respect and behaviour demonstrated throughout the afternoon.


Over the next few weeks, the children will now work on their experience from the afternoon with Sarah, their singing teacher, and continue creating their own lyrics and melodies to contribute toward the next session.


This is one of three afternoons that the children will be spending at the cathedral as part of the Surrey Get Vocal 2016/17 project and they will next visit on 16th March to take part in a joint performance of the composed pieces from Cathedral workshop.


Take a look at the pictures below from our visit.