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Whole School Big Day Out!

St Mark's BIG DAY OUT!


The school classroom doors and office closed on Tuesday 19th July...why? Well, to celebrate the successes and hard work of all the children and staff who have had an absolutely fantastic year of course!


We took over the Farnborough Leisure centre and were joined by Mark the Circus Skills performer. The children spent the day learning new skills and enjoying the special friendships they all have. It was a time to truly deepen our appreciation of each other. Staff ran different stations of games, parachute, soft play, golf and much fun was had by all.


We completed our day by giving thanks for our wonderful day in the form of worship and sang a Capella in the hall which sounded so amazing that the leisure centre staff stopped to listen and enjoy.


The leisure centre manager complimented the children on their impeccable behaviour, manners and singing and the staff for their endless enthusiasm and clear organisation of the day.


Well done St Mark's- a very well deserved 'Big Day Out!'   Have a wonderful summer everyone!