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Whole School BIG Day Out

On Thursday 25th November, we all closed our classroom doors for our whole school BIG day out and climbed onboard a coach and travelled to the rambling countryside hills at the magnificent Wintershall Estate in Bramley. The trip was to celebrate our accomplishments and successes despite the challenges we have all faced over the last 20 months. And what better way than to explore the story of the Nativity in every aspect?! The day was steeped in awe and wonder as it unwrapped the greatest story ever told. The children met Mary, Balthazar (one of the three kings) , Zechariah (Mary’s cousin Elizabeth’s husband), a shepherd with his sheep (yes, they were real sheep!) and the donkeys. Each session helped the children understand in detail, what is was like, how it felt and gave an opportunity to ask ‘big’ questions. At the end of each session, the children were given special objects to collect in their journey bag, to help them remember their own personal journey of the day. From the woven crib, the crown with three jewels, the angel’s feather and the smelly sheep’s wool to the donkey with little peg legs…the children gathered them up as they visited each station.


The children also watched different scenes of the Christmas story in the Nativity barn acted out by the professional actors and were able to join in with their own Christmas songs on the stage!


At lunchtime the children enjoyed running in the fields with the rolling countryside views, surrounded by the fields of sheep and cows, in the fresh air and sunshine.


At the end of the day we all came together for an end of day Collective worship and made a whole school community Christmas Wreath. It was a very special moment and one which we felt connected and united as a school.


It truly was the most wonderful day, which left the children and staff alike with everlasting fond memories.


(More photos to follow)...