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Visit from the Diocesan Director of Education

We were absolutely thrilled and delighted to welcome Mr Alex Tear, the Diocesan Director of Education, to our school today.


After hearing of Mr Tear's impending visit, one of the Year 6 boys felt compelled to write a formal letter, explaining the exciting learning that the class were planning to share at their outcome during his visit. 


The children in Year 5/6 became Mr Tear's guide during their Science outcome and the children proudly presented Mr Tear with certificates for completing a fitness session and making a blood smoothie! 


The children in Year 1/2 were busy preparing their class zoo (see the giraffes below!) and Year 3/4 were absorbed in their 'game zone' creations - but all the staff and children greeted Mr Tear with a huge, welcoming smile. 


We feel very proud to feature on Mr Tear's twitter page with some of our zoo members in Year 1/2! We look forward to welcoming Mr Tear back to our school very soon.