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Trust Nothing....Believe Everything!

We were so incredibly proud of all the children who took part in the Rock Challenge Competition on Friday 17th February.


We set off at 7.30am to Southampton, full of anticipation, a van full of stage setting, props, costumes a 20ft pole….and of course a few butterflies!


After a couple of rehearsals and a wonderful lunch in the park, the reality of the ‘real’ performance dawned upon us as we prepared for our performance. Our dressing room oozed solidarity and shared excitement as the children changed into their magnificent costumes and were transformed into their characters….of course makeup and hair styles completed the final touches!


A hush spread through the dressing room as the stage crew came to announce that it was time for our performance…..WOW! 8 minutes that changed the lives of our young people!


They became performers, artists, stage directors and entertainers and danced with every ounce of energy they possessed.


The evening concluded with the results…all huddled together in the dressing room watching it on a big screen, the children watched in anticipation! They cheered when we were awarded 9 separate awards in excellence as well as 3rd place….tears of happiness and hugs all round!


Well done St Mark’s…we must also mention that without the support of our volunteers we simply couldn’t make this happen. This truly was a time where our school community came together and we would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who supported and helped with this event, whatever your role, big or small – it was all much appreciated!


See below photographs from the day.....

Official photographs taken of the performance  on the night are available to purchase, please contact the school office for details of how to do this.