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Junior Cooking Day

While the other Juniors were at Rock Challenge, the remaining Juniors were invited to a "Cook your own lunch Party"! We spent the day learning how to prepare many different ingredients, including cutting, grating, weighing, using the electric mixer and more more! The children showed great enthusiasm for all the food and it was a wonderful opportunity for them to try new things. They designed their own mini pizza toppings which ranged from ham and sweetcorn to mushrooms and peppers to the traditional cheese and tomato! Other children designed a pasta salad which included plenty of cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce as well as ham or cheese. The children also laid the table with a table cloth and napkins, so we could all eat together and enjoy the food they had spent time preparing. 

Friday is our weekly Tea-Set day and this gave us the prefect opportunity to learn how to make cakes! We learnt how to make fairy cakes and chocolate crispy crunchies. The infants were delighted with our efforts and it was lovely to be able to share our cooking with them. 

Well done Juniors you were a delight to spend the day with and have learnt some valuable life skills!