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Jubilee Tea Party

The PTA organised a wonderful Jubilee Tea Party for the school. The children had spent the day preparing by making crowns and flags.  Yr3/4 made beautiful soldiers out of clay flower pots and each class decorated a large flag using different printing techniques which were kindly gifted by the "Flags for the Queen" project. The parents all made a huge selection of wonderful cakes and joined us on the playground in true street party style for tea, cakes and singing! The children learned a catchy Jubilee song, as well as the more traditional "And did those feet" hymn. Of course no street party would be complete without everyone standing for the National Anthem. 

A huge thank you to the PTA, our wonderful parents and our visitors the Mayor of Rushmoor and MP Leo Docketty. The children of St Mark's will certainly remember how they celebrated this historic event and gave thanks to our Queen for 70 years of service to our country and the commonwealth.