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Happy 90th Birthday to the Queen!

heartThe Queen is 90 today! heart


Today the whole school gathered to celebrate the event of the Queen's 90th Birthday. We watched an emotional clip of her life in still photographs, followed by a fantastic game to explore the facts of her life through the game of 'higher or lower'!


The children joined the teachers in teams as they were presented with facts about the life of the queen in numerical values and had to predict if the answer was higher or lower! As you can imagine there lots of fun had in her honour!


Did you know:

  • the Queen has owned over 30 Corgi dogs?
  • the Queen works 40 hours per week?
  • million people watched the Queen's Coronation in 1953?
  • there have been 12 Prime Ministers who have served during her reign?
  • there have been 5 different portraits of the Queen on our coins?


We finished with a special personalised 'Happy Birthday' song that had been written especially for the Queen.


Take a look at the photographs below!