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Fun Fair Friday!

Today we turned our school into a fun fair! We had a whole day celebration to raise awareness of the Showman community and the history of fairs within our communities which have run for 100's of years. Mr Noyce led our assembly today and gave the children an overview of the history of the fair and the standards that that all showman are required to undertake to make sure all the rides are safe. He talked about the skill of sign writing and explained how he was the 8th generation of a showman in his family. Mr and Mrs Noyce also brought one of their fair ground rides for all to have a go on and the children were absolutely thrilled! In addition, Mrs Noyce made traditional candy floss for the whole school to enjoy too...yum! During the day the children took part in a number of activities to explore the history of the fair and ended their day with a multitiude of games run by the PTA for t-set.

A huge thank you to Mr and Mrs Noyce for an absolutely fabulous day. The children have talked about it non-stop!


Click here to see the fun of the fair! This film clip captures the wonder of the day!

See below for photographs of the fun we had.