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Be Bright. Be seen. Be Happy

On Friday the JRSOs led a fun filled day, and encouraged the whole school to come dressed in bright clothes to raise awareness of road safety. It couldn’t have been a better day for it, as we set off as a school community for our first trip to the church! It was impossible to miss St Mark’s as they walked up in their fantastic brightly coloured clothes. 

During the day there were many competitions and prizes to be won for best dressed, best song/dance and best t-shirt design but EVERYONE got a sticker and a badge for taking part in the day. 

Click here to see the Junior winning song entry! 
Click here to see the Infant winning song entry! 

In addition. the JRSOs underpinned the importance of happiness and hie bright colours make us feel and the children all took part in happiness art during the week in collective worship. 

A huge thank you to Willa, Felicity and Emelia for a fantastic, fun- filled day helping everyone to remember the importance of road safety….with a smile!