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Astronomy Evening

This evening, four of our Year 5 children and their parents attended an Ogden Trust Astronomy Night at Salesian College. There were 100 students at the event from the 10 Farnborough partnership schools.


The children started the evening in the pop-up planetarium where they went on a journey into outer space, looking closely at images of the sun, planets and stars. The ceiling of the planetarium then transformed into the night sky and the guide pointed out different constellations. The next activity was in a science lab where the children ordered planet fact cards by different criteria, for example size. Then they designed their own planet on a ball. Finally they went outside to stargaze using the telescopes provided by the Cody Observatory. The clouds were starting to clear and they were able to see Jupiter and three of its moons through a telescope. They also saw our moon in detail through another telescope.


The children had a fantastic time and were proud representatives of St Mark’s!