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A visit from the National "ELF" Service!

Today the children were given a very special treat! We gathered in the hall, were we having an assembly? No! An elf appeared! Not just any elf but Elf Friendly, one of Father Christmas' elves, sent on a special mission to let children know about the naughty and nice list. Luckily all the St Mark's children were on the nice list - phew! The elf explained about displaying kindness, friendship and love through out the year. She even did magic tricks making Rudolph's missing nose reappear and creating real snow. Before Elf Friendly left, she gave every child an early Christmas present for being such kind children and showing their values everyday. We also joined in a cheerful version of Rudolph the Red nose reindeer. Elf Friendly was very impressed with Yr5/6 adding the additional lyrics! What a lucky school we are to be visited by a real elf!