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Home Learning supports, extends and enriches the learning that takes place in school.

Parents, carers, siblings, friends and family members are encouraged to become involved in the home learning. Whilst there are key activities to be undertaken by the children on their own, other activities are designed to be collaborative.

The focus for home learning is aligned with the Integrated Projects ; 6-9 a year, each different in their focus creating a range of activities. Each task is carefully designed to meet the needs of the children in Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, with clear expectations, time limits for completion of each task, but with the knowledge that children may devote extra time to do the task if they so wish.



The framework for the home learning task is designed by the teacher with clear expectations set for learners to achieve. Opportunities are provided for the children to propose their own lines of enquiry and follow those through. Some activities may be generated completely by the child in collaboration with people at home.


Home learning develops children's independence.  Seeing through a home learning task requires good work habits and helps develop perseverance, resilience and resourcefulness. Furthermore, it captures the children's interests, fuels their motivation to learn and given enjoyment, providing an opportunity to use the local environment and take in experiences which cannot always be provided in class.



Home learning outcomes are shared with the class and with a wider audience through being on display at the Project Outcome.


Home learning allows for meeting children's different needs. One task may produce many different outcomes.

Skills that have been learned in school can be practised in home learning tasks increasing confidence and are applied to a range of different contexts.


Parents and carers gain an on-going view of the kind of learning their child is engaged in, the range of learning that takes place in school and the progress the child is making.




Please see below our St Mark's 'Principles for Home Learning' which were shared at our Autumn Term 2015 parent forum.

St Mark's Principles for Home Learning