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Happy Holidays Spr 2 2024

Happy Holidays

Spring 2 2024

Geography, English and Science

(Art and History)

Spirituality and Thinking


Following the flight to Auckland, New Zealand, the children will try to answer Penguin’s question. They will then start an enquiry, investigating New Zealand as a holiday destination. Why is New Zealand a good place for a “Happy Holiday”? They will build their geographical knowledge of New Zealand, looking at its location, physical and human features and truly diverse environment. The children will explain their findings and make comparisons to the UK, writing a postcard home and creating a poster about the amazing features of New Zealand.  Exploring the Maori myths and legends will lead to creative writing and an insight deeper into the New Zealand way of life. The children will use scientific skills to explore the weather in New Zealand and look at seasons and day length, making a further comparison to the UK.




After sharing the story Penguin on holiday, the children will be inspired to take their own journey. Penguin leaves a question for them….Does New Zealand make a good location for a “Happy Holiday”? The children will have passports ready for their flight to New Zealand. The classroom will be set up as an aircraft and the children will need to board the plane using their ticket, going through passport control. They will then watch a video of the flight and follow their journey on an interactive map. They will land in Auckland ready to find out about New Zealand as a holiday destination.

After arriving in Auckland, we needed to send a postcard to Penguin. First we looked at what a postcard needed to include, then we made a plan and finally we wrote our own postcards!

We found out about seasons and what Penguin would need to wear if he visited the UK. We also found out that New Zealand has the opposite season to us because it is in the Southern Hemisphere!

Next we compared Auckland and Farnborough. Auckland has many more people living there!

Discovering the human and physical features of New Zealand. Human are manmade things and physical are natural things!

After this we planned a visitors report about Wellington. First we had to organise our facts! Did you know that Wellington is the capital city? We also compared Wellington and London. London has more people living in it than the whole of New Zealand!

Next we explored volcanoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

We looked at the features of a poster before making a plan with a partner and then creating our own poster about the Taupo Supervolcano!

We found out more about the seasons and compared the weather in New Zealand and the UK.

Maori people arrived in New Zealand in the 13th century. We looked at the culture and how it can still be seen today. Watching the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team perform the Haka was incredible.

Exploring the Maori myths was very interesting. We listened to, watched, acted out and investigated the story of Maui and the fish. We looked at interesting vocabulary we could use and made a story plan. Year 1 planned using a story board and Year 2 using a story map.

Our FABULOUS home learning posters! These would definitely persuade Penguin that his next holiday should be to New Zealand! Well Done Emerald Class these are AMAZING!

PROJECT OUTCOME - we have used all our new found geographical and scientific skills to give Penguin lots of information about New Zealand. We have put this into a powerpoint and used many features from our writing as well. We hope you enjoy reading it! We think New Zealand is an excellent place for a very Happy Holiday!!