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Autumn 1 - This is Me!

This is Me!

Rationale: This project celebrates a new beginning at St Mark's and focuses on getting to know each other and building relationships. The children will find out what makes them the same as their new friends and what is different. They will explore their families, homes and favourite things as well as how they have grown from a baby to now! We will share our favourite books in a book tea party to celebrate a fantastic start at St Mark's.


Hook: The folder of baby photos has been dropped! Can we match the baby to the child?

We spoke about how we had changed since we were babies and what we can now do that we could not when we were babies.


In RE we looked at photos of babies at different ages and watched a video of a little boy visiting his newborn brother. We spoke about how he showed love for his new brother, how we show love and how we know we are loved.

We painted self portraits.

We also read the story 'Owl Babies' and found Bill saying he wants his Mummy very funny!

We spoke about our different family members and looked at pictures of a range of families. We drew a picture of our family.

We read the book 'Charlie Cook's Favourite Book' and spoke about our favourite books. Each friend told us what was their best bit of their favourite book.