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Assessment and Marking


There is no national system for tracking pupil progress against the National Curriculum. St Mark's have implemented their own assessment of pupils’ progress so that they can keep parents informed, enable governors to make judgements about the school’s effectiveness and also to inform inspections by Ofsted.


In the Early Years Foundation Stage we use a system called Tapestry – an on-line tool that enables teachers and parents to work closely together at this key stage of development.  At the end of each pupil’s Reception Year the team will provide judgements against the ‘Early Learning Goals’. This helps us to identify your child’s needs as they move into Key Stage 1.


In Key Stage 1 and 2 we use end of year expectations/key performance indicators on Target Tracker to support the process of gathering the information we need to ensure that every pupil is making the progress that they should – and if any pupils are underperforming we can make sure that they receive the help and support that they need to get back on track.


We believe that effective assessment and marking provides information to improve teaching and learning. We give our children regular feedback on their learning so that they understand what it is that they need to do better. This allows us to base our planning and teaching on a detailed knowledge of each child. We give parents regular reports on their child’s progress so that teachers, children and parents are all working together to raise attainment and achievement for all of our children


Please find our Assessment Feedback and Marking policy below.