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Who's Who

Our Headteacher

Our Headteacher 1 Mrs Annabel Stocchetti & SENCO

Our Teachers

Our Teachers 1 Deputy, SENCO, 3/4 Teacher- Mrs Helen Wheatland
Our Teachers 2 5/6 Class Teacher - Mrs Lucinda Hagan
Our Teachers 3 1/2 Class Teacher - Mrs Nicola Smith
Our Teachers 4 1/2 Class Teacher - Mrs Sadie Shipley
Our Teachers 5 Class R-Mrs Katherine Bedford (on Maternity leave)
Our Teachers 6 Class R - Mrs Juliet Miles

Our Learning Support Assistants

Our Learning Support Assistants 1 Mrs Jane Collinson
Our Learning Support Assistants 2 Mrs Gemma Larkham
Our Learning Support Assistants 3 Mrs Lynette Heynes - ELSA
Our Learning Support Assistants 4 Mrs Frances Lutunatabua
Our Learning Support Assistants 5 Miss Nicola Day

Office Staff

Office Staff  1 School Business Manager - Mrs Liz Watson
Office Staff  2 Administrative Officer - Mrs Faye Stevens
Office Staff  3 Adminstration Assistant -Miss Frederique Staphylas

Our Governors

Our Governors 1 Mr Mark Bonnett - Chair of Governors
Our Governors 2 The Revd. Ian Hedges - Vice Chair of Governors
Our Governors 3 Mrs Daryl Bates - Foundation Governor
Our Governors 4 Cllr Liz Corps - Local Authority Governor
Our Governors 5 Mrs Tara Gifford - Parent Governor
Our Governors 6 Mr Felix Oluwasona - Foundation Governor
Our Governors 7 Mr Deglan Rowe - Foundation Governor
Our Governors 8 Mrs Annabel Stocchetti - Headteacher
Our Governors 9 Mr Andrew Treasure - Foundation Governor
Our Governors 10 Mrs Elizabeth Watson - Staff Governor
Our Governors 11 Mrs Helen Wheatland-Deputy Head/Co-opted Governor

Clerk to the Governors

Clerk to the Governors 1 Mrs Becs Mason

Supervisory Assistants

Supervisory Assistants 1 Mrs Jane Collinson (Senior Assistant)
Supervisory Assistants 2 Mrs Gemma Larkham
Supervisory Assistants 3 Mrs Francis Lutunatabua
Supervisory Assistants 4 Mrs Doreen Stake
Supervisory Assistants 5 Miss Nicola Day

Our Caretaker

Our Caretaker 1 Mr Bel Pun

Your PTA Committee

Your PTA Committee 1