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Happy Easter Message

As the Easter holidays commence I just wanted to say Happy Easter to you all! I hope you have a lovely time with your families and manage to look after each other and take time to enjoy each moment. Thank you all for keeping in touch and for sharing all your children's wonderful learning - you are all doing such a great job. It really has been the highlight of my day receiving all your photos and news and I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart - I miss Reception so much! are all my Super Stars and I owe you all lots and lots of stickers!!! We are all so proud of you and for all you're doing at home - have a great time now celebrating Easter and I will be back with some more super duper activities after the holidays.
Keep going, be kind to yourselves and take care of each other.
Lots of love from
Mrs Miles, Miss Day, Mrs Warner

and Austin (who has come home with me for the Easter holidays and has found my bunny ears and friends!...what a pickle!...I wonder what he will get up to next!)


Reception’s Learning from Home

30th March -3rd April

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! Thank you for all your rocket launches and moon picnic photos – it was lovely that you joined me on our last adventure with Austin.

These activities below are for the whole week so please choose some that are best suited to your child’s interests.


Don’t forget to stay active and get your heart beating fast every day. Here is a little easier workout : or you could carry on the 9am Joe Wicks or Cosmic Yoga. Let me know if you have any other ideas on how to keep fit so I could share them with Reception.


This week we will be learning about the Easter Story and what Easter means to Christians. Reception know that baby Jesus was born at Christmas and  grew up to be a very important man, the Son of God. Through the Easter story they will find out that Jesus died on a cross on Good Friday but then rose again on Easter Sunday.


Watch these clips about Easter and talk about them with your child:


Christians believe that Easter is good news because it is about Jesus saving (rescuing/finding) people:

  • Rescue role play -Can you have a go at rescuing some-one ? Dress up as a super hero or fire fighter, police officer or paramedic and rescue a toy, family member! Maybe set up an emergency station where you can take emergency calls!!
  • Treasure hunt- hide something special and write some clues to find the treasure!
  • Hide and seek- play this game together around the house! (Make sure you hide in safe places!)

Christians remember Jesus when they eat bread and drink wine at a Communion service:

  • Can you have a special meal with your family where you all help to make something and have a wonderful time together.  You could create a menu and write names for placemats...what else can you think of to make it a really special meal.


How do you celebrate Easter?

  • Can you talk together about how your family celebrate Easter? Do you have any family traditions? What do you eat? Do you have an Easter egg hunt? Throw wellies? Roll eggs down a hill? Do you go to church? What’s your favourite thing to do at Easter time? Maybe you could make a poster page in your diary all about how you celebrate Easter.

Why do people eat hot cross buns?

Can you find out why and when we have hot cross buns? Write your answer in your diary or add it to your Easter poster. Maybe you could make hot cross buns?

Why do we have Easter Eggs?

Why do you think we have Easter eggs on Easter Sunday? What do they help us to remember? Can you think of other eggs that we might see this time of year? Can you decorate an egg?

Create an Easter Garden:

  • List all the things that you need and work together to make it. Take a photo of your garden and post it on Tapestry so we can all see.

Write an Easter prayer:

  • Can you create your own family prayer for Easter? Post your prayer onto Tapestry and we can make a collection of all your prayers.


New Life all Around

Easter is very much associated with new life as Jesus came back to life again. It is spring time and there is always so much new life all around us. Here are some ideas to celebrate and find out more about this new life:

  • Spring walk:

If you haven’t already, go for a spring walk and take photos of all the new life you can see

  • Caring for new growth in plants:

Can you grow a seed or look after your garden? I know some of you have done this already!

  • Watch these  seeds and bulbs grow:


New life in the animal world:

  • Can you share your experience of new life? Maybe a new brother or sister being born? A puppy or kitten?
  • Watch the tadpoles grow!

  • Watch these Caterpillars grow!

  •  Can you create a life cycle poster?

Can you think of your favourite animal and create a life cycle poster?

Here are some examples:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar story:

Can you create your own hungry caterpillar or butterfly! Or maybe create your own story?

Easter Themed Songs/ Stories:

Over in the Meadow:

Easter song collection:

If you’re happy and you know it:

Farm songs:

Farmyard Jamboree:

Number Fun:

Numberblock Songs:

Days of the Week:

Easter egg take aways!!

Could you make up your own Easter egg subtraction stories?

Subtracting with Numberblocks:


Please keep sharing all your photos on Tapestry -it's really important to keep in touch xx

Have Fun!!



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Friday 27th March

Moon Party Time – whoop whoop!

Gather your favourite toys, picnic and blanket and head for your rockets – we are about to take off for our adventure to the moon!!!!

We will be launching at 12o’clock- set your watches! When you are ready and all aboard your rockets play my video on Tapestry and then we can all launch together!

Whilst you are waiting for 12 o’clock here are some things to do:

  • Play the game, ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ (the children all know how to cheating though Reception!)
  • Play a telling the time game – (reading o’clocks / 12 hour clock)

  • Listen to a favourite story and join in with the actions and words: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt:

  • Space race and Rocket rescue from

Can you have a go at remembering this week’s sounds: air / ear

Write the sounds without looking!

  • Practise counting down from 20 to 0 for our launch – maybe you could do 20 jumps, 20 hops, 20 star jumps etc as you count down each time!

Now it must be time for lunch and our moon adventure!!!!! your rockets Reception!! Please take lots of photos / video to share with me and then I will put them onto our class page on our school website!

And for the afternoon....shall we venture to Mars!!! Here is a link to the Stem Website which is brilliant and it has a whole collection of information and experiments all to do with Mars! Enjoy and let me know what you get up to.

Stem Learning: Mission from Mars


I’m sure these will keep you busy over the weekend too.

Well done Reception for all your amazing learning this week – I know I keep saying it but I really am so super proud of you all and can’t wait to hear about your adventures. Have a lovely weekend, stay safe, take care and be good- as you don’t want any mummy or daddy monsters do you!

Love from Mrs Miles and Austin!

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Thursday 26th March

Time to get ready for our Moon Party!

Austin has arrived back at school! Check out his photos on Tapestry. He is very excited about our class virtual adventure to the moon...we could make our own rockets, space outfits and moon picnics. Here are some ideas for our moon party:

  • Make a list of food for your picnic (star sandwiches / moon rock cakes...)
  • Make a rocket – big or small! You could use a large cardboard box or a table turned upside down! You could make a small rocket using tubes and then shrink down to micro-size and fit inside like Project X!
  • Watch the story – Whatever Next!

  • Cosmic Yoga – up in space!!

  • how to draw a rocket:

  • Sing along to this ‘planets’ song:

  • Here are some number bond activities: (see pdf's below)
  • Gather your favourite toys to take in your rocket and don’t forget your picnic blanket!
  • What can you find out about the moon, planets, space? Who were the first men on the moon? What was their space ship called?... Let me know what you find out!

Enjoy getting ready for your space adventure today...I am so excited!

Take care

Love from Mrs Miles and Austin!


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Wednesday 25th March

Hello Reception! Another beautiful day!

 Some exciting news from Austin!...He is now in Iceland and has sent some photos which I will share on Tapestry. (A little detour but Reception were keen for him to visit a cold country!) He also told me that he was going to be back in England for Friday and he was desperate to go on our class adventure to space and have a moon party! (Reception had planned this for our project outcome.) We can’t do this at school but we could all do this in our homes and have a virtual moon party together! Tomorrow’s theme will be based around getting ready for the party! We could have our own moon picnics and make our own rockets and take photos to share on Tapestry. I hope you can join me and Austin on Friday.

Meanwhile, back to today...We have a cold, frozen theme today to go with Iceland!

  • Magic Maths: Money money money!

Set up an ice cream shop or beach cafe! Use you imagination and create a menu (starfish lollies / rainbow fish jelly / seaweed ice-cream!!). Use your money and buy something from your shop/cafe!

  • Number Fun: Dice Doubles

Roll 2 dice and look quickly at the numbers. If you roll a double, say double 5,   shout out ‘Double 5’ as fast as you can. Say the answer, ‘Double 5 is 10’

If you do not roll a double then roll again.

Variation: Roll 2 dice and add up the total number on the dice.

  • Funky Phonics: I will be adding another video onto Tapestry today for our phonics! Please log in and join me. We will be learning the /air/ sound. Here is Geraldine to help too:

    • Let’s practise our phase 3 sounds:

    • Now let’s practise our phase 3 tricky words:



  • Song time – sing-along to ‘Let it Go!’ ( had to be!!)

  • Funky Fingers –keep practising your curly caterpillar letters c,o,a,d,g,q

Finally...can you have a go at a science experiment for me?

  1. Make some ice cubes (at least 3 cubes) How can you make ice? What is ice?
  2. Look carefully at the ice cubes – what can you see?
  3. Now put each ice cube in a different place around the house and outside too
  4. What happens to each ice cube?
  5. Which ice cube melts the fastest? Why?

Well done Scientists! Good Job!


I hope you have enjoyed your Frozen themed day...I can’t wait to see all your photos!

Take care of each other.

Love from Mrs Miles xx

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Tuesday 24th March

Hello Reception! It’s terrific Tuesday and that’s what you all are...terrific!

 How was your day yesterday? Wasn’t it a beautiful day. I saw my first butterfly and had my lunch in the garden listening to the birds singing. Spring is definitely here now and I am so glad the sun is shining on us all. It has made me want to start some spring cleaning!

Here are some ideas for today. Remember, choose the ones that sound best for you (you do not need to do them all).

  • Austin’s really big adventure continues – Czech Republic

Austin has now arrived in the Czech Republic and began exploring!!

 Can you find him on the map? What can you find out about the Czech Republic? I’m sure Elliot and Nicolas will be able to tell us all about this country! Can you find their flag and their capital city? How does it compare to our capital city of London?


  • Magic Maths: Money money money!

Can you find a 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50, £1, £2 coin? Can you put them in order of value? Can you sort them into the same shape? Same colour? Can you count how many 1p coins you have?


Can you write out some number cards and put them in order 0-20? Now count backwards as you point to each number!


  • Funky Phonics: I will be adding a video onto Tapestry today for our phonics! Please log in and join me.
    • Let’s practise our phase 3 sounds:

    • Now let’s practise our phase 3 tricky words:




  • Listen to a story: Since I saw a butterfly this morning I thought we could share The Very Hungry Caterpillar today!

What would you eat if you were a hungry caterpillar!

Can you draw a picture to go with this story?


  • Get Creative – Reception are very good at thinking of their own ideas of what to do, who to be, what to make and to do it! What would you like to do today? What would you like to find out about? Who would you like to be? Or What would you like to make today?

Let me have your ideas and maybe we could all copy the next day!


  • Time to Move – Practise your listening skills whilst having fun and moving to the music: bbcschoolsradio/ Playtime -Weather


  • Spring Music – I’ve been listening to this music today...lots of new life in the spring,,,


Well done again Reception for all your amazing learning you are sharing with me. Remember to listen carefully to your grown-ups and maybe you could help with some spring cleaning!

Love from Mrs Miles xx

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Monday 23rd March

Hello my lovely Reception! How are you all? I hope you had a lovely weekend in the sunshine and you gave your yummy mummies a lovely Mothers Day!

Here are some ideas for today- choose the ones that sound best for you (you do not need to do them all).


Remember to keep active: Joe Wicks is starting a workout for the family at 9am every day from today on his YouTube channel – please have a go...I am!

Austin’s really big adventure continues – Serbia

Austin has arrived in Serbia and is having a wonderful time still. He says hello to you all and wondered if you could find Serbia on the map. What can you find out about Serbia?

Magic Maths: Money money money! We are going to explore money this week and see if we can recognise all the coins. Can you set up a shop together? It could be a toy shop, supermarket, pet shop or any other shop you would like! Label each item with a price to match each coin: 1p, 2p, 5p, 10, 20p, 50, £1 and £2. Get a purse or a container and add lots of coins to it. Can you find the correct coin to pay for each item? Happy shopping!

Amazing Adding: well done all you amazing children for completing last week’s adding challenge...WOW! Here is a game you love to play to practise adding single digit numbers:

Funky Phonics: Today we are going to learn the /ear/ sound and try to spot it in words. This sound is also a word as well! Can you point to your ears?

Can you think of some words with the ear sound in? Now watch these videos to practise saying the sound:

Now have a go at writing some of these words in your diary.

Let’s practise our phase 3 sounds:

Here is a link to a website call Epic Phonics which are now offering free subscriptions for 1 month – just need to register  (its a great website which I use lots with the class)


Listen to a story: The Mixed up Chameleon

Get Creative – can you make, draw or paint a rainbow and put it in your window like Freya has done? This shows that you are learning at home and when you go for a fresh air walk you can count all the rainbows in people’s windows!

Time to Move – Squish the Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Sing some songs –

Funky Fingers –curly caterpillar letters c,o,a,d,g,q,


I hope you enjoy having a go at some of these activities. Please keep in touch and share a photo or 2 on Tapestry- it would be really good to hear from everyone this week so that I know you are all ok. Thank you for all your messages, photos and videos so far! Take care and keep smiling.

Love from Mrs Miles xx

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