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Year R Closure Day Learning

Good Morning Reception!

Here are some things that you could do whilst having fun in the snow!

  • Write your name in the snow
  • Look out for ice shapes - like the ones we found at school yesterday!
  • Make some sphere snowballs - big, medium and large
  • Make up a science experiment - what is the fastest way to melt snow?
  • How long can you keep a snowball frozen?
  • How many snowballs can you make in 1 minute?
  • Take some photos of your snow day and post them onto Tapestry.
  • You could go on a Bear Hunt and act out the story- perfect day for a swirly whirly snowstorm!

We have been finding out about Winter and what happens to the plants and animals. What wildlife can you see in your garden or at the park? What birds can you spot? Can you make some bird cakes using lard, seeds and a yoghurt pot? Can you see any footprints in the snow?

Remember you also have your pink 'Letters and Sounds' home learning book to complete - reading and writing words this time! You could cuddle up and share some stories under a big blanket or duvet! Maybe you could show off your story telling skills and retell one of your favourite fairy tales (Goldilocks or The Three Little Pigs) or make up a story about the snow - your grown up could write your story down as you tell it and you could draw a picture of your characters and setting.

You could also visit some websites like Top Marks / phonicsplay /epic phonics and have a go at caterpillar number ordering or reading words on dinosaur eggs!

Most importantly, stay safe and keep warm!

See you all on Monday - looking forward to seeing all your photos on Tapestry (if you can).

Mrs Miles