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Year 1/2 Distance Learning

Welcome to Year 1/2 Remote Learning


Here you will find work for each day. Remember to log into TEAM's at the agreed times for our daily live lessons. The class email address is up and running ready to return work to Mrs Smith and Mrs Miles. We are looking forward to sharing your brilliant activities!

Keep smiling everyone and remember you are all AMAZING!



Tuesday 19th January 2021

Good morning Year 1/2. thank you for joining me on our adventure to the North American Plains. You all looked very warm in your scarves and blankets protected from the strong wind. Today is all about tepees. Here goes.........


Share today's podcast by clicking here.

Have you had a look at Harold's daily Diary yet? Each day there are wonderful wellbeing activities for you to try. Click here to explore. Today's activity is making a card for a special person.


Remember to do your daily phonics or spelling activities which were posted yesterday for this week!



Year 1 LIVE input at 9.30am Numbers to 50

There are 3 activities attached below.

  1. The main resource sheet
  2. An extension, activity cards
  3. Reinforcement, dot to dot to 50.


Year 2 Video input division, making equal groups

There are 2 activities attached below:

  1. The main resource sheet (this is quite hard, please email Mrs Smith if you need help. A good tip is to get out a selection of small objects to help you when you need to share into groups.)
  2. Serve it up activity – a support task to help practise sharing. Then make up your own examples with different food.



LIVE input at 11am

Can you write the instructions for building a tepee and make one! Remember to use the bossy verbs and Year 2 add an adverb to describe the verb. (A word bank is attached below to help you.) 

Top tips:

Title - Instructions for........

List of equipment

Numbered points

Capital letter and full stop

Bossy verbs

A template for making a paper model tepee can be found below or you can try to build a life size one. Here is Mrs Smith’s attempt! Our dog, Elsie decided to join in the fun! Take another look at yesterday’s video for a reminder: I used bean canes, string, a couple of blankets and a handful of pegs!




Pow Wow Dance The indigenous people of the North American Plains would hold Pow Wow’s, these were meetings or gatherings of large groups of people where dances and music would be performed. Watch the clip about Pow Wow’s and then see if you can make up your own dance. May be you could make a drum and add your own music? Or make a head dress to wear while you perform your dance. (An template and ideas for a head dress can be found here Take a photo or make a video of your creation.


Things to email today:

Maths activities

Tepee instruction writing

A photo of your tepee construction either paper or real!

A photo or video of your Pow Wow dance


Have a great day everyone and we will look forward to seeing you at sharing time. Keep going you are all doing an amazing job!

Love from your two very proud teachers

Mrs Smith and Mrs Milessmiley 


Monday 18th January 2021

Good morning Year 1/2, we hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for our next adventure. Today you will need a large scarf or a blanket for our LIVE lesson at 11am because the place we are visiting next is very windy!!


Listen to the daily podcast by clicking here.

What exercise will you choose for your 60 active minutes? Remember to take a look at the activities on our PE and wellbeing pages. There are new challenges for this week. My favourite is still the river crossing!!!



Y1 Video Input counting to 50

Activities: Can you make 50 using 5 lots of 10 small objects? (pasta or raisins in pots work well!)

Practice counting out loud to 50. (You can video yourself and listen to it back.)

Can you spot house numbers which are less than 50 when you are out on a walk? Or look at the page numbers in a book your are reading. Where else might you find numbers up to 50?


Y2 LIVE Input Division, making equal groups

Activity: sheet attached below

Extra practise: Get out 5 toys and a packed of biscuits, pasta or raisins. Practise sharing out the biscuits (or other food) so each toy has the same. You can try different numbers of toys and biscuits!



LIVE Input at 11am Please come to today’s lesson with a big scarf or a blanket as the place we are going to visit is very windy! We will share a powerpoint, which is also attached below.  Explorers will set off to the North American Plains in search of Tepee’s. After the LIVE input use your new knowledge and the powerpoint as a reminder to help you complete the fact finder. You can use the template attached below or make your own.  Then label the picture of the tepee. Can you read each of the labels? Write them in your best handwriting on the sheet attached or draw and label your own tepee.

If you would like a little extra information about the native people who lived in tepees, visit this site below:


Spellings and phonics for this week.

The activities for the whole week are attached below and should be spread out, doing a little each day. To help reinforce the list of spellings you can also try some of the following:

  • Write in rainbow colours
  • Play snap or pairs
  • Cut the word up into letters and rearrange
  • Write in flour or sand
  • Play tap the word, word cards spread out, call out the word and tap it!

Daily phonics sessions are posted by Letters and Sounds on Youtube. These are designed for Year 1 but are excellent reinforcement for Year 2 as well. Please click this link.


Year 1 – ou words (making the ow sound)

our, about, cloud, scout, sprout, proud, sound, ground


Year 2 – ture words (making the cher sound)

future, picture, sculpture, nature, vulture, adventure, creature, capture



Look at the Native American pattern sheets attached below. Can you use these to help you decorate a tepee? There is a blank outline below or you can draw your own.



Once a week we would like you to record yourself reading a few pages from a book you are enjoying at home. Please email this to the class email address with your work.

There are several ways to read and share books online. Please try to keep up your daily reading doing some each day. Remember to register for the reading challenge as well.


Things to return today:

Year 2 maths sheet (Year 1 have a practical tasks!)

Fact finder answers

Labelled tepee - English work

Decorated tepee - Art work


Have a super day everyone and we hope you enjoy our next adventure. Remember we are very proud of all of you and love hearing about your day at 2.30pm during our sharing time. 

Take care everyone

Love Mrs Smith and Mrs Milessmiley


Friday 15th January 2021

Good Morning Year 1/2

It’s Friday!

Are you ready for another fun packed day?

Here we go...



Y1 LIVE INPUT 9.30am Subtract with a Pirate!

Subtraction – games (See attached)

Today you will need to print off or make your own number line to help you to subtract like a pirate.


10 times tables activity today

Extra challenge –Multiplication game...good luck!


English – Story Day


Five Minutes Peace

NB– Scroll down and listen to Mrs Smith reading the story before the LIVE lesson!


Have a discussion about the story ...

Did you enjoy this story? Why?

Who are the characters in the story?

Can we put them in order of age?

What problems does Mrs Large face?

What does Mrs Large really want?

Why doesn’t she get it?


LIVE INPUT at 11am


Five Minutes Peace Activities

Choose 2 or more of these activities for today’s story:

*Draw and label each character from the story, remember names start with a CAPITAL LETTER.

*Make a clock to show Mrs Large the time, may be you can add hands that move? Make sure you get the numbers in the right places. A paper plate or a circle cut out of paper are a good place to start.

*Make a story map to help retell the story, then use props to add sounds to your retelling like a bottle of water to swish for Mrs Large’s bath! Can you record a video of you retelling the story?

*Use the “How to draw an elephant” idea below and draw and decorate an extra large elephant.

*Choose a toy that you haven’t played with for a while. Get it out and make up a new game, an adventure or take it with you on a walk with your family. Take a photo and say why you chose that toy.

*Do something special for your parents to say thank you for helping you with your learning – make a card, draw a picture, help clear the table or make your bed, let them sit down and have “5 minutes peace”.



Remember to do your daily phonics/spelling activities (see Mondays resources) and choose from the selection of PE and Wellbeing activities.


Friday treat day!...what treat will you have today?

Can you decorate a biscuit like a clock for Mrs Large? Digestives work well!


That’s all folks...What do I need to send to my teachers today?...

  1. My maths activities
  2. My Book activities
  3. Anything else you would like to share!


A BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS well done to everyone!

What a fantastic week of have all deserved a weekend off!

See you bright and early on Monday.



Five Minutes Peace

Still image for this video

Thursday 14th January 2021


Good Morning Year 1/2

We hope you all had fun building your igloos yesterday and finding out about Greenland. You all looked so cosy in your hats and scarfs! Today we are going to be scientists!...


But first...



Subtraction – counting back

See follow up activities below


Y2 LIVE INPUT at 9.30am

Multiplication – 5 times table

See follow up activities below




LIVE INPUT at 11am

Ice Investigation – How can we rescue the creature from the ice?

Please watch the live input before you do anything!

Reminders for after the session...

Before you carry out your experiment you will need to:

Make a plan - what ideas do you have?

What are you going to try doing?

What will you need?

What do you think will happen?

Then carry out your investigation or watch Mrs Smith’s video in parts to see how she rescue’s the creature! Only watch this after the LIVE lesson or if you don't have the resources. It is attached below.

Record your findings on the attached sheets below or make up your own way of recording.

You could also include a video or photos or drawings.

When you have completed your experiment...

What did you find out?

Explain how you rescued the creature and why it worked.                 

*Remember to write in sentences – capital letter and full stops please*



Remember to do your daily phonics/spelling activities and choose from the selection of PE and Wellbeing tasks.


Afternoon  Music Session

Join in with this wonderful music lesson called, ‘Colours of the Rainbow’

(see below)



We are looking forward to seeing your amazing learning...

What do I need to show my teacher today?

1. Maths activities

2. Science / English experiment write up

Thank you everyone!

Have a wonderful day everyone and remember to keep smiling!

Love Mrs Miles and Mrs Smithsmiley


Science Experiment Video

Still image for this video
Only watch AFTER the LIVE input or if you don't have the resources!

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Good morning Year 1/2, we hope you are wrapped up warm and ready for our adventure to Greenland! Come to our 11am LIVE lesson dressed warmly! Hats and scarves recommended!smiley

Remember to email us your work at the end of each day.


Daily podcast click this link to share.



Year 1 LIVE INPUT 9.30am

Subtraction – crossing ten counting back (activity and challenge cards attached below)



Multiplication – 2 Timestable (activity and game attached below)



LIVE INPUT at 11am

Today we set off for Greenland!

What is an igloo and where do you find them?

Explorer’s journal – write up the first entry explaining what an igloo is and some information about Greenland. Add a picture and information about the climate. (The explorer's journal is attached below again, if you can not print it out please make your own using this as a template. We will be writing in it each week when we visit the next place.)

Top tips: clear sentences using a capital letter and full stop, add interesting words (adjectives) to describe the igloo and Greenland, best handwriting and use phonics to help with spelling. (There is a word bank and questions to help structure your writing attached below)



Remember to do the daily phonics/spelling activities and choose from a selection of PE and Wellbeing tasks. Yesterday at school we tried the river crossing activity, it was so much fun!!


Afternoon Challenge

Building an igloo! Watch the following clip then use playdough, modelling clay, lego, building blocks or whatever you have a home. Can you build an igloo? You can even use sugar cubes but these get very sticky!!!!! Remember to start by drawing a circle and don’t make it too big otherwise it will take a VERY long time! Take a photo or video and email to us or you can share your igloo at 2.30pm when we have our first sharing time back on TEAMs.

Listen to the story of Curious George who builds an igloo:


Have a super day and we hope you enjoy our journey to Greenland. Please remember to return your work by email at the end of each day.

Take care our wonderful Year 1/2's!

Love Mrs Smith and Mrs Milessmiley


Tuesday 12th January 2021

Good morning Year 1/2. Today is another busy day, so we hope you have had an extra tasty explorers breakfast and are ready for our adventures! Well done to all the children who have sent their work to us by email. If you didn't send your work yesterday please send it today so Mrs Miles and Mrs Smith can see how you are getting on. Lets get started........




Subtraction – not crossing ten counting back (activity attached below)

Extension: Subtraction snakes and ladders (use the method shown in today’s video – counting back. A numberline will help.)


Y2 LIVE INPUT at 9.30am (Activity and game attached below)

Multiplication – doubles



LIVE INPUT at 11am

Continents of the world – Continents are proper nouns and proper nouns have capital letters.

Capital letter practice activity – match  the lowercase and capital letters on the caterpillar then try the magic hat game. Can you write all the capital letters?


Label a map of the world with the 7 continents. Add the equator. Can you add the 5 oceans? If you would like a challenge you could write the labels yourself, remembering the capital letter!

There is a powerpoint attached below if you would like to find out more about each continent.


Think about the houses that we looked at yesterday – I wonder where we will find each one. Tomorrow we will be travelling to Greenland in search of an igloo. Can you find out where it is on your map?




Don't forget your daily phonics/spelling tasks and to complete a PE and Wellbeing activity too!



Why did Jesus tell parables?

Parables – The wise and foolish builders.

Listen to the song which tells the parable of the wise and foolish builder. What do you think this parable is teaching us?

Activity: use lego or any construction toys you have at home. Can you build a house on some rocks and a house on the sand? Take a photo or draw a picture of your construction.


We hope you all have a super day and we look forward to receiving your work by email at the end of the day. You are all doing a wonderful job and we are very proud teachers to have such a fantastic class to teach.

Stay safe everyone

Love Mrs Smith and Mrs Milessmiley

Monday 11th January 2021

Good morning Year 1/2, we have a busy week ahead of us, starting our new project. We hope you're ready for a virtual tour of the world, exploring houses in different countries and finding out about how they are built. Get your explorer gear ready to go, we set off at 11am today!!


Listen to the daily podcast by clicking here!



Year 1 LIVE INPUT 9.30am

Subtraction – not crossing the ten. (Activity attached below)



Multiplication – making arrays (Activity attached below)

Play “Guess the array”. Get out a selection of small objects, eg pasta shapes, small squares of paper, lego bricks, small toys etc. Make an array with your objects then get your partner to write the multiplication that matches it.

 4 x 3=12


Phonics/Spelling for the week

The phonics and spelling activities for the week will be posted each Monday, try to spread these out and learn a little each day. By the end of the week you will have practised every day and the words will be easier to spell.

For daily phonics lesson please share Letters and sounds video by clicking this link and scrolling down to Spring Year 1 :


Year 1 – split vowel digraphs u-e and e-e (activities attached below)

Use, cube, fume, tube, these, theme, even, complete


Year 2 – ear spelt eer (activities attached below) plus common exception words to revise.

Steer, career, volunteer, cheer, sheer, peer, deer, meerkat



LIVE INPUT 11am (Before the lesson please look at the photos of the 6 houses below!)

Today we will start our new project: HOME SWEET HOME. We will look at homes from around the world, what they are made from and why they are built. After the Live Lesson complete the matching task. Match the name of the home to the picture and guess the material it is made from. Why do you think it is made from that material?




Tepee, igloo, stone house, adobe house, shanty town shelter, stilted house.


Listen and read along with Homes around the World by clicking this link. How many different homes can you see?



Sorting materials

There are many different types of materials, glass, metal, plastic, wood, fabric and more. Try out the activity game below, then try the task.

Task: Search your home for an object made of each material, you do not need to pick it up just draw it or take a photo. Can you find something for each material from the following:








Click these links to our PE and Wellbeing area and choose tasks for today. There are lots of different options so something to appeal to all! Everyone should be doing 60 active minutes each day!


Have a super day everyone and remember to email your work to us at the end of each day, so we can check how you are getting on and help you if you need it. You are all doing a wonderful job of adapting to the remote learning again and our new TEAM's lessons. We are VERY PROUD of you!

Take care everyone

Love Mrs Smith and Mrs Milessmiley

Friday 8th January

Good Morning Year 1/2.

Well done for completing your first day of virtual learning – you did so well!

It was so lovely to see you all and we are looking forward to seeing you all again this morning.


Here is today's plan...

9am ‘Wake Up and Shake Up!’ with this favourite song of ours...

Phonics – Letters and Sounds videos

Scroll down to your child’s year group and watch the video each day.


9.30 Year 1 Maths

Bonds to 20 games today to reinforce this week’s learning.

Choose 1, 2 or 3 activities to recap and reinforce bonds to 20.

  1. Play Bonds to 20 bus game
  2. Number Bonds to 20 challenge cards
  3. Rainbow number bonds colouring
  4. For an extra challenge try this game:


9.30 Year 2 Maths LIVE INPUT


  1. Recognising equal groups game
  2. Equal groups lotto


Wellbeing - Mindfulness colouring (see attached or create your own drawing!)

Put on some happy music and settle down to some colouring.

Here is some happy music you may wish to listen to as you colour.

Before you start to colour, have a go at doing our ‘happy breathing’ which is when we hold out our hand in front of us and slowly on each breath trace around our fingers as we breath in and out with our other hand...I’m sure the children will remember how to do this! Take your time and try and control your breathing. Think happy thoughts as you colour in with your favourite colours and let those happy thoughts travel through your body. Say to yourself, “I am special.” Always remember that you are all unique (there is only 1 of you) and you are all very special.


11am English/PSHE: LIVE INPUT

‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ cont...

  1. Before the live lesson starts watch or read the story again and see if you can join in/ read alongside. Talk about this story. Do you like it? Why? What is your favourite part? Why did they make him a crown at the end of the story? Was the giant the smartest giant in town at the end of the story? What else can you tell your grown up about this story?
  2. Draw 2 pictures of the giant. One in his old gown and the other in his smart clothes. Add captions to your pictures to describe his different clothes.  Don’t forget to magpie words from the story to help you...

A pair of smart, shiny shoes.

  1. Can you spot the pairs of rhyming words in the story? Write them down and see if you can think of some more.
  2. Design a new tie for the giant! What colours and pattern could you use? (see attached template or create your own)


Lunch /Get ActiveSkipping Challenge

If you have a skipping rope then this is a challenge for you:

  1. How many skips can you do in 1 minute?
  2. Record you best number of skips every day for 2 weeks and see how much you can improve
  3. Can you change how you jump? Landing on 1 foot at a time or both feet together?

(If this is too easy then increase your time to 2 minutes, 3 minutes etc.)

If you do not have a skipping rope then this is your challenge:

  1. Put a scarf on the floor so you can jump over many times can you jump forwards and backwards over your scarf in 1 minute?
  2. Now jump many times can you jump from side to side over your scarf in 1 minute?
  3. Try this every day for 2 weeks and see if you can improve your score.
  4. What other exercises could you do with the scarf? On, off the scarf?...


Afternoon Music – Hampshire Music, ‘Discovering Musical Dimensions’

See the attached power point below. We have also saved this in a pdf version so that you can still join in with most of the session.


*Don’t forget to join in with today’s

Worship Podcast on the remote learning home page.


Final Challenge – Keep Fit Friday

On a Friday we always try to have lots of exercise so that we deserve our Friday treat!

For your last challenge here is Joe Wicks! (see cards linked to this below)

Joe Wicks Twinkl Move - - PE Planning, PE Resources, Primary PE Scheme of


Well done EVERYONE for making it to Friday!

We wish you a calm and relaxing weekend and look forward to seeing you all again next week.

Thanks for all your amazing learning and for sharing it with us.

You are indeed all amazing...keep going everyone.




Thursday 7th January

Good Morning Year 1/2!

We are looking forward to seeing you all virtually today!

Year 1 at 9.30am for maths and then Years 1 and 2 at 11am for English!

Fingers crossed!

Here is today’s plan...good luck everyone...

*Maths Year 1  LIVE INPUT 9.30am*

Number Bonds to 20

  1. Complete the ‘Space Wars’ Game! (ppt attached below)
  2. Number Bonds sticks (see attached) 


Maths Year 2  VIDEO INPUT 

Introducing the Multiplication Symbol

Watch the video and then complete the attached activities.


Wellbeing Time -time to stop and recharge

Sit comfortably and begin to relax by taking 3 deep, slow breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Take a few minutes to watch this video clip of winter scenery and be still as you watch.

After a while and when you feel calm, shut your eyes and continue to listen to the music as you are still and quiet (you may wish to lie down for this). See if you can sit/lie still for at least 5 minutes. When you feel recharged begin to move slowly, begin by moving your feet and then work up through the body until you reach your head. Slowly open your eyes and have a big stretch and yawn...or two! Slowly sit up and try and describe how you are feeling. End with happy thoughts...what makes you feel happy? Think of lots of things that put a smile on your face. Choose one of these things to do sometime today and one thing that you are going to look forward to doing soon.



*English/PSHE: LIVE INPUT 11am*

‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ By Julia Donaldson

Listen to the story before the live lesson begins if you can.

Here is a link to the story


  1. Wasn’t the giant kind! Can you remember all the different items of clothing he gave away and to which animal? What things have you done to make others happy? (Discuss with you adult.) Can you think of something to do for someone else today to make them happy?
  2. Pretend to be one of the characters in the story and write a thank you letter to the giant.
  3. Make a crown for someone that has helped you. How could you make your crown really special?



Time to get active: Pirate Dance!

Before Christmas we began to learn a pirate dance routine. We copied the first few ideas and then we created our own moves. The music was the sound track to, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’:

Have a go and see if you can create your own routine or choose a favourite song and make up a dance routine!


For those who would like a little more here are some familiar websites to use: (Year 1= Phase 5 and Year 2=Phase 6) (for those needing Phase 3 revision of sounds)


Don’t forget to find time to do something that makes you happy!

Have a lovely day everyone – we will look forward to seeing /hearing about all your amazing learning.

Thank you to all our amazing parents too!


Emergency 48hr learning pack for Tuesday and Wednesday (5th and 6th January 2021)

Maths Year 1

Watch the lesson video and then complete the activity attached below

Add by counting on (Mondays lesson)

Add ones using number bonds and

Find and make bonds

Maths Year 2

Watch the lesson video and then complete the activity attached below

Recognise equal groups (Mondays lesson)

Make equal groups

Add equal groups


There are three English activities based on the book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. Please complete in order 1 to 3. All are attached below.


This term we are learning about parables, these are stories that teach us something, they have a message. First share the story of the Squash and the Squeeze;  this is a modern story that is trying to teach us something, can you work out what it is? Write or draw your ideas in the box on the sheet.

Now watch the parable of the Farmer and his seeds

  • Where did the farmer plant the seeds?
  • Which seeds grew the best?
  • Which seeds didn’t grow well?
  • What do you think Jesus was trying to teach his followers?

Can you draw a picture of where the seeds fell and what happened to each of them? Colour and label your pictures.


The class homework can be found on the school website by following this link.