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Worry Monster Corner

I’m Smarky, your Worry monster

I am always here

When worries pop into your head

Don’t let them turn to fear


Fill in the contact form below

Make sure you write your name

Explain your worry

Write it clear and plain


Press send - to put into my mouth

And let me eat the fear

Put a smile upon your face

Then give a great big cheer!


(Adapted from ELSA Worry Monster Poem)

Tell the school worry monster what is on your mind.....

Smarky is our St Mark's Worry monster and here to listen to you about anything that you are worried about. Smarky understands that sometimes things feel a bit different and sometime a bit scary, but Smarky is here to help! Type your worry into the 'message box' below and Smarky will 'EAT THEM UP' for you. If he thinks you need some further advice on what to do, he may even e-mail you back through ParentMail on your parents e-mail address, with some things to try at home. Remember to put your full name and class. Smarky is ONLY available to listen to children who attend St Mark's CE Primary School. If you are from another school and worried about something, you can call CHILDLINE Free on 0800 1111 or talk to a trusted adult.