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We're all going to the zoo Autumn 1 2019

We're all going to the Zoo

Autumn 1 2019



Rationale: After receiving the message from Zoe the new zookeeper and exploring the box of goodies, the children will discover many animal related stories, games and toys but not much information. They will read the books, starting with Dear Zoo and begin to investigate zoo animals. They will use scientific ideas to sort and classify animals, learning about their groups and natural habitats. They will make fact files and information leaflets about the animals. The children will write their own version of Dear Zoo, using some of the new animals they discover. In order to help Zoe they will design a new zoo and make clay animals to fill it, showing why they are arranged in particular groups. All this information will be collated and given to Zoe to help her with her new job!

Hook: Zoo the New Zookeeper sends a  message to say that she would like Year 1/2’s help to design a new zoo. This is a brand new job which she has never had before! She will need to know as much information as possible about the animals and where they live. Zoe has sent a box of zoo goodies to get you started. Can you send everything you find out to her so she can make a good impression for her exciting new post?

Mid hook: Visit to Marwell Zoo to find out about how other zoos are organised.

Animal Art! We had lots of fun looking closely at different animal skin patterns and creating our own prints using paint. We also worked independently using paper plates to make a fun animal head!

Sorting animals into groups! We can use the scientific names: Mammals, Birds, Fish, Reptiles and Amphibians.

MARWELL ZOO!! Wow we had a fabulous day at the zoo! We invited the Year R children to come with us and everyone had an amazing time. A huge thank you to everyone who came to help us!

Clay tiles. We have used our knowledge of animal skin patterns to look at creating clay tiles using different shapes and textures to make the skin patterns. The tiles are drying, waiting to be painted. Check back next week to see the results!

After our wonderful trip to Marwell Zoo, we decided that we needed to start thinking about designing animal enclosures ready for our Class Zoo. We had great fun trying out different designs with the large construction resources.

We have been looking closely at the pictures of zoo animals. This week we have made our own clay zoo animals which was great fun.

Our clay animals and tiles have had colour added!!

We enjoyed making and laminating invitations for our parents to our Class Zoo! We can't wait to show everyone what we've been doing!!

A magnificent Class Zoo Outcome!! Yr1/2 welcomed so many parents and family members to visit our zoo. The children had worked extremely hard to group the AMAZING animals they had made for their Home Learning, with the clay animals made at school. Each group of animals had an enclosure built to keep them safely inside and an information circle just like the ones we saw on our visit to Marwell Zoo. The parents were given a quiz to complete, designed by the children. They also had time to share their beautiful project books with their parents, showing them the wealth of information gained. All this is now ready to be sent off to Zoe the Zookeeper, to help her prepare for her new job. We look forward to hearing back from her soon!

This is what our parents said:

"Wow.... what a fabulous zoo. So many different animals and what fun the quiz was too! Thanks again for inviting us we had the most excellent time!"

"We loved seeing all the children's work today, they have worked very hard on their animals."

"Amazing learning Year 1/2"

"I really enjoyed my day at the zoo!"

"So well organised and well informative. Well done Year 1/2!"