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The Road to Rome Spring 1 2020

Spring 1 2020

The Road to Rome

History / English / PSHE

Interdependence / Thinking


In this unit, children will learn about the Roman Empire and its effect and legacy on Britain. The children will gain an understanding of the role Rome had over Britain and its influence on the modern day. Through learning about how the Romans were able to rule such a large Empire, the children will begin to think about how to present written information clearly. They will also start to think about the life of a Roman soldier in Britain by exploring letters written home by soldiers from Hadrian ’s Wall and composing their own. Through exploring the Roman ruling and justice systems, children will begin to have an understanding of how our country is run today. The children will then create a living museum  which will teach their invited guests about the influence the Romans had on Britain and the legacy they left behind.


HOOK: We considered a variety of items ranging from garlic and rosemary to public lavatories and libraries, rabbits and cats to written laws and metal coins, while treying to establish a link. We looked for a common theme and eventauly established that they were all introduced to the UK by the Roman Empire.

After considering some of the Roman Empire's legacy in the UK in our Hook, we went back in time and considered where the Roman Empire originated, how far the Empire stretched at it's greatest extent and formed a timeline of Roman History. One major surprise we found when looking at the timeline was that the Eastern Roman Empire was still in existence when William the Conqueror's Norman armies fought at Hastings and conquered England.


During the course of our research, we also looked at the Caesar and Caligula's unsuccessful invasions of Britannia which preceded Claudius' successful attempt, as well as Boudica's rebellion and eventual downfall. This work inevitably involved some focus on the Roman legions and we did some work on this essential area of the Roman Empire's success, starting with the reforms of Gaius Marius. We even re-enacted a battle in the playground! (Unfortunately, we are experiencing some technical issues with this video - we hope to have it available soon!)
Our work looking at the Roman Army inspired some fascinating, fact-filled non-chronological reports that can be seen below.