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Summer 2

We started of this term looking out our circle values.  We worked as a team to produce a piece of artwork and reflected on which of the circle values we used to complete the task.


Mrs Stocchetti approached the class with an exciting challenge.  She had been made aware of the lovely short story 'The Lighthouse' and would like the children to write this as a book.  This demonstrated the circle value of community.  Mrs Stocchetti was keen to have a set of books about the circle values written by the children.  These would be similar to the Learning Values books which had previously written by teachers.




Excited about the challenge the children will watch and discuss the video ‘The Lighthouse.’ They will  be planning and writing the story which will be read aloud.  They will develop effective vocabulary to build atmosphere  and study different techniques to build tension throughout.  Sentence structure and paragraphing will be reviewed as well as the importance of effective editing ready to publish the story.  Alongside the writing, the children will be learning the techniques of using charcoal to create illustrations for their book.  Their stories will be published on PowerPoint where they will apply their knowledge of good storytelling to record their book.

We have really enjoyed how to use charcoal and pastels to show light and dark in our illustrations

We have worked so hard on our writing over the last few weeks. We have thought about our illustrations and published our books using PPT. We are proud of our achievements on this task.

We have been working on our journalistic writing this week and written the newspaper article related to the terrifying events of the Lighthouse.