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Summer 2 2021


Summer 2 2021

English, Science and Art



After being inspired by the story of Croak, the children will work together with the YrR class to bring this production to life. The children will explore the characters through drama and role play, looking at how a script is organised and written. They will then use this to write their own narrative of the story. Art work will accompany the drama, creating not only the backdrop for the production but also helping the children to find out more about frogs and a pond habitat building on earlier science projects.  Throughout the children will work on creating their own booklet “All about Frogs”. They will write their own narratives about frogs (The Princess and the Frog) and learn to perform poems from memory. The booklet will be illustrated with art work inspired by the play and shared with the YrR children as part of our transition activities, forming part of the outcome. The second part of our outcome will be a wonderful production for parents and visitors of Croak! (Filmed if restrictions do not allow)


The children are presented with a large frog, the script of Croak and the songs playing! What do we think these are? Allow the children time to look at the script. What do you think it is? Share the story of Croak with the children. Explain that this is a play script and can be acted out as a story. Would the children like to act it out and perform the play? As we have been watching the tadpoles grow in the school garden it would be great to find out a little more about frogs and ponds. Are they up for the challenge?

Colour mixing - look at how many different colours we managed to make! We found out that there are 3 primary colours, red, yellow and blue. We used these to make lots of other colours.

After sharing the story of the Princess and the Frog we set about making wedding invitations!

Bouncy frog craft! Getting into the swing of being bouncy frogs for our performance by making our own!

After finding out about a pond habitat, we made our own ponds and labelled the creatures living in and around the water.

Scenery under construction!

Year 1/2 in their costumes - don't they look wonderful! A HUGE well done for a fabulous performance! A link has been emailed to all families to share with the children. We hope you enjoy watching as much as we did producing it!